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Light Control

There is hardly any other area of event technology where the innovations of recent decades can be seen and experienced as clearly as in lighting technology. Whether it is the development of LED light sources, moving lights, or smart lighting, a lot has happened in the field of lighting since Thomas Alva Edison developed the light bulb in 1879. Whereas in the early days of the theater, burning oil or glowing limestone was used to provide light in the theater, the design of stage lighting changed completely with the development of the light bulb and Fresnel's stepped lens. From then on, theater spotlights set the scene on the stages that mean the world. A few decades later, stage lighting changed again: Halogen lamps were developed, only to lose their influence in lighting again with the rise of the LED lamp.

The world of lighting technology is in a constant state of change. This rapid development is not only evident in the light sources used, but also in the area of lighting control. The development of the digital control protocol DMX (Digital Multiplex) in 1986 by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology in particular changed lighting control dramatically once again. Whereas previously lighting was mainly controlled manually, DMX software now allowed dimmers, smart lamps, and moving heads to be controlled by just one lighting technician at the touch of a button – and exciting light shows for concerts, festivals, stages, and parties could be created.

We provide everything you need for comprehensive and creative lighting control for your event in our comprehensive range. From DMX controllers to control lamps, spotlights, and dimmers via DMX, to various software solutions or dimmers and switchers: in our online store, you are sure to find the equipment you need to realize the lighting for your events just the way you want it.

DMX controllers, software solutions and wireless DMX

No matter the size of your event or how much experience you have with DMX controllers, we have the right device to impress your audience with an exciting light show. Create and control the light for your next event at the touch of a button with the DMX controller. The EUROLITE EASY Show, for example, is a simple DMX controller that has been programmed for over 200 EUROLITE spotlights. This DMX lighting controller plays pre-programmed colors and shows, but can also be used as a DMX recorder.

Are you more interested in elaborate and complex lighting installations? Then we offer you various software solutions that support you in developing complex light shows and integrating spotlights, dimmers, or spotlights into the DMX universe. The powerful software solutions help you to manage the LEDs in your lighting and control applications. The lighting control software allows you to create breathtaking images or spectacular effects on your computer, laptop, or tablet and call them up at an event.

To ensure that the DMX signal arrives where it is supposed to, you have a choice of different DMX cablesready-made or by the meter. Would you prefer to avoid "cable clutter" or is your event location so spacious that laying cables makes no sense? Then rely on wireless DMX. The transmitters and receivers are simply attached to the respective devices and transmit the signal via radio at 2.4 GHz. Once DMX addresses have been assigned, spotlights, dimmers, and LED strips follow the signals sent to them by your DMX controller. Nothing now stands in the way of lighting your event according to your ideas.

Dimmer/switcher, DMX tools, remote control

In addition to DMX controllers, lighting control software, and wireless transmitters and receivers, you will of course also find dimmers and switchers, DMX tools, and remote controls. This equipment helps you to bathe a stage, a club, or the outdoor area of an event location in breathtaking light and create unique moods.

Of course, we also offer dimmers and switchers that can be integrated into a DMX universe. The EUROLITE DMX Split 2 splitter, for example, is a DMX splitter with two DMX channels for switching back and forth between two devices, while the EUROLITE EDX-4RT DMX RDM TRUSS dimmer pack is ideal for installation in trusses and enables the synchronization of several devices via DMX with over four DMX channels. In addition, dimming and switching operations can be assigned to individual channels.

By the way: In our assortment, you will find various IR remote controls that make it possible to control light effect devices, lamps, or LED light globes by EUROLITE.

Do you still have questions about lighting control, the numerous lamps in our range, or smart lighting for your event location? Then get in touch with our wholesale staff. We will be happy to advise you on various DMX radio systems, their installation as well as DMX transmitters and DMX transceivers.

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