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Controller useable for
  • Controls DMX effects (20)
  • Controls KLS classic (1)
  • Controls KLS in general (19)
  • Controls LED strips (1)
  • Controls Moving Lights (13)
  • General mix of colors (12)
  • Luminaires for white (18)
  • Luminaires up to 11 LED colors (1)
  • Luminaires up to 6 LED colors (7)
  • Luminaires up to 7 LED colors (2)
  • Matrix (1)
  • RGB luminaires (1)
  • RGBW luminaires (1)
Eurolite DMX LED Color Chief

Lighting control via DMX: consoles and controllers

DMX stands for Digital Multiplex and refers to the protocol of the most common and most frequently used lighting control in event technology. Moving heads, lighting effects, strobes and scanners are usually controlled and/or programmed via DMX using lighting control consoles.


Easy Operator and DMX Commander

Depending on the scope of the light show and the complexity of the devices used, different DMX controllers are more or less suitable: Simple controllers with only a few channels are well suited for inexperienced users and beginners, advanced users rely on more complex light consoles with more DMX universes. If you want to control very complex and large lighting installations, a software-based control system, for example MADRIX, is a good choice.

Stage Lighting

In this category you will find light consoles and DMX controllers for controlling effect and stage lighting.

DMX controllers (Search result: 29)

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DMX controller

The development of the Digital Multiplex (DMX) communication protocol in 1986 by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology changed the way lighting was controlled in theaters, on large stages, and at festivals. Whereas previously the various spotlights had been controlled manually, once the communication protocol was established as the standard, lighting consoles and special DMX controllers took over the control of a dimmer. This meant that event technology was about to undergo a major upheaval because simply controlling a dimmer via a DMX signal was by no means the end of the story. In recent years, DMX signals have not only been used to control dimmers but also – supported by the possibility of creating DMX universes – to control devices such as moving heads, scanners, LED spotlights, and other moving lights. The control of the lighting technology was now under the full control of a lighting technician, the so-called operator, who operated the lighting console.

The DMX controller is at the heart of the lighting control system. After all, this device generates various DMX signals that are transmitted via the DMX channel to the various lighting effects, moving heads, stroboscopes, etc. of a light show. In our assortment, you will therefore find a variety of different DMX controllers which – depending on the scope and complexity of the light show – are ideally suited for the lighting control of your next event. At the touch of a button, it is possible to change the light on a stage and adapt it to the music, for example.

For creating the perfect light show for your next event, you will also find a variety of different DMX interfaces, DMX cables, and DMX software in our online store. With the help of these devices and products as well as a lighting console, you will be able to provide the right lighting for your event.

The EUROLITE EASY Show, for example, is a simple DMX controller that can be used to control over 200 spotlights. This lighting controller has many different functions and can play pre-programmed colors and shows, but also functions as a DMX recorder at the same time. LED spotlights, KLS systems, and moving lights can be controlled with this DMX controller. The DMX controller is easy to operate and is therefore particularly suitable for inexperienced users. By the way: In its function as a DMX recorder, the EUROLITE EASY Show is particularly suitable for configuring and installing your light show as well as for the product range of a rental company.

Of course, our online store offers you a wide range of different DMX controllers that allow you to design the lighting for your event according to your requirements and needs. You will find DMX light control consoles in our range that have different numbers of DMX universes with 512 DMX channels each and can therefore control a wide range of DMX devices. At the same time, they can be programmed quickly and easily.

By the way: Various devices from the lighting technology sector are equipped with USB ports. These enable the use of wireless DMX, i.e. the ability to control the DMX devices required for lighting completely wirelessly.

Do you still have questions about lighting consoles or other DMX tools, software, and DMX-compatible equipment? Our staff will be happy to advise you and provide you with help and advice.

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