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Power distribution
Power distribution
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Transformers & power supply units
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Power Supply

Especially in event technology, you are dependent on electricity because neither lighting technology nor audio technology can show their impressive effect without it. To ensure that the power from the socket also reaches the equipment needed for a show, you will find in our online store – in addition to products from our brands EUROLITE, PSSO and OMNITRONIC, –power distributors, sockets, cables, etc. from the manufacturers Sommer Cable, Rigport and Helukabel. Our online store, therefore, offers you a range of different power cables, power distributors, transformers and much more. Have a look!

Power Distribution

In the category "power distribution" you will find multiple socket strips as well as power distributors, of course. The multiple plugs from EUROLITE and PSSO allow you to supply different devices with power. Furthermore, the different multiple plugs are equipped with a different number of sockets, have protective contacts and partly child safety lock. Depending on the protection class, multiple plugs are also suitable for use outdoors at your event location. Thus, nothing stands in the way of using the multiple plugs and thus setting up your equipment outdoors, for example at a wedding or a beach party!

In our online store, you will also find power distributors in different versions and with different capacities. These power distributors have the ability to conduct current in different strengths to the corresponding equipment. In addition, some of the practical power distributors are suitable for a fixed installation in a location or can be installed in a rack. Also good to know: The power distributors can also be considered for setting up large power distributions. You can find more details about this in the respective product descriptions.


Are you looking for the right cable for your equipment? Then take a look at our online store. Here you will find power cables, multicore cables or combo cables as well as other rubber cables, data cables or even silicone cables – ready-made, but also by meter. This variety of cables offers you the possibility to connect your equipment with a plug, LED transformer or power distributor – and thus provide the appropriate power supply for an event on your premises or in your party cellar. The cables available for selection can conduct electricity in different strengths. Furthermore, in addition to low-voltage cables, our online store also offers cables that are designed to conduct 230 volts. After all, proper and safe conduction of electricity is the basis for any successful event.


Connectors and grounded sockets, CEE- plug connectors (400 V), high-voltage multiple plug connectors (16 A), cable bolts as well as the appropriate accessories for connectors: In our online store you will find a wide range of products to help you set up a functioning power supply. They are characterized by reliable resilience as well as robustness. Attention: Connectors, built-in couplers or plugs with protective contact must never be installed or removed under voltage or load!

Transformers and Power Supplies

Are you planning to convert your lamps from halogen lamps to LEDs? Then think about buying appropriate LED transformers. They will help you to adapt the voltage to the LEDs you are using and thus protect the sensitive electronics in the LEDs. After all, LED transformers are specially designed for use in combination with LEDs. In our assortment, you will find LED transformers from EUROLITE as well as switching power supplies from Meanwell. Depending on the field of application, the right power supply is available for you to choose from. Depending on the variant, these have a low design, a sturdy metal housing or overload protection that triggers by switching off, as well as the auto-recovery function. They are also equipped with a universal input. Further information about the respective power supplies can of course be found in the respective product descriptions.

Both the LED transformers and the power supplies can be used outdoors, depending on their protection class. Thus, if you plan to use the products at a pool party or an outdoor wedding, it is advisable to pay attention to the respective classification of the LED transformers and power supplies before buying.

Of course, you can also find conventional transformers and power supplies in our range. For example, the EUROLITE ETD-35105 is particularly suitable as an electronic transformer for low-voltage halogen lamps. The transformer has a switch-on delay, the so-called soft start, and produces a steadily increasing current after its activation. In addition, it is dimmable and has compact dimensions that make it suitable for use in halogen lighting systems such as tubular and track systems or in conjunction with pendant and table lamps.

Accessories for Power

Safety for actors, event technicians and visitors is always the top priority at events. Therefore, when buying power cables, power distributors or LED transformers, you should also think about the necessary accessories, as they will help you to use the power lines without hesitation during an event. In addition to various fuses and holders, empty cable drums for easy transport of extension cables, and stage tape, our online store also carries marking tapes and cable fasteners.

Do you still have questions about cables, power distributors and wires? Then contact our employees with confidence. They will be happy to assist you with advice and support regarding the setup of a safe line, the right power cable for your next event or the appropriate connector!

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