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A class of its Own - PA Amplifiers.pdf

Technical data for audio amplifiers can be confusing: Here's help

Amping for actively separated sound-systems.pdf

Introduction to two different philosophies of selecting amplifiers for big audio systems


Digital speaker controllers are the core of every modern public address

system nowadays, yet many users are overwhelmed by the features.

Little Helper from Omnitronic.pdf

The first part of this series takes a look at DI boxes and isolators

Little Helper Part II.pdf

The second part of this series centers on small mixers and preamps

Monitoring: more important than many believe.pdf

It's essential for musicians to hear themselves during their performance

Noise protection with the OMNITRONIC SPL-1 Controller with limiter

In Germany, the organisational and legal legislation have changed a lot during the past 10 years.


Sound processors.pdf

An overvier of functions and important terms

Pro Audio

Little Helper from Omnitronic.pdf

The first part of this series takes a look at DI boxes and isolators

Little Helper Part II.pdf

The second part of this series centers on small mixers and preamps

On the Road with PSSO's Compact Line Array.pdf

We take a look behind the scenes of some events with the Compact Line Array from PSSO

The Line Array in both theory and practice

Theoretical and practical approaches


Know-how 100 V PA technology.pdf

100 V technique is used for a broad array of applications, we show you which

CobraNet Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

An overview over the audio network CobraNet

Burj Chalifa – Dubai

The tallest building in the world: 828 meters high, 189 floors, 57 elevators, a total cost of est. 1,5 billion dollars. The tower is visible from a 100 kilometers distance, clearly making it the most prestigious jewel around the Persian Gulf.

Equipment used:

10453002 Omnitronic RLD-8 Distributor (1200 Exemplare)

Big Ben - Teneriffa

London at Teneriffa. One of the the most popular hotspots on the biggest canarian isle located at Icod de los Vinos. His very own unique style in conjunction with the five different floors attracts residents and tourists alike.

Equipment used:

51702645 ANTARI X-530 hazer (no longer available)

70064815 EUROLITE DMX Split

70064813 EUROLITE DMX Split

FUTURELIGHT PHS 250 Pro-Head Spot (no longer available)

FUTURELIGHT Centerpiece (no longer available)

52202174 EUROLITE Superstrobe 2700

10006850 OMNITRONIC PM-3010 Pro DJ-Mixer

5010150A Mirror ball 100cm

5121060L Step profile + void tubes

FUTURELIGHT CP-240 Controller (no longer available)

51913920 EUROLITE LED PAR-56

Fitnesscenter Brand -


Pioneers of the german fitness scene, which already implemented health care aspects into workout in 1983. 2 Studios, 1000 square meters each provide sufficient space for physical exercise.

Verbaut wurden:

13055511 OMNITRONIC TM-1000 MK2 Pocket transmitter

DR-1000 Receiver (no longer available)

OMNITRONIC AS-1500 MKII active system (no longer available)

10602406 OMNITRONIC CMP-1200 Dual-CD-/MP3-Player

10007100 EM-550 Entertainment-Mixer

10602413 OMNITRONIC CMP-102 CD-/MP3-Player

11038805 AS-470 Active system

6020410B TRISYSTEM PST-400 3-way cross beam

6020450B TRISYSTEM PST-2000 3-way cross beam

51913628 LED PAR-56 RGB 10mm Short silver

40000310 Outdoor spot 150W WFL black A

S.Oliver Arena – Würzburg

One of the biggest event halls in Würzburg and homestead of basketball premier league team Würzburg Baskets: The s.Oliver-Arena. Furthermore, on a regular basis, the arena hosts concerts of national and international artists.

Equipment used:

11040900 PSSO CLA-228 Top

11040910 PSSO CLA-115 Sub

10356360 PSSO DXO-48 Controller

PSSO HSP-1200 (no longer available)

PSSO HSP-2000 (no longer available)


In 1996, Steinigke Showtechnic presented its first audio brand Omnitronic.

Since the very beginning our maxim is: “Technology designed for pleasure“. Whether DJs at work or at home, musicians on stage or in rehearsal rooms, restaurants or bars – everyone should enjoy audio products which offer reliable quality, state-of-the-art technology and affordable prices.

Soon it became obvious that the concept of an audio brand with affordable products was gaining a growing group of fans. With several thousand turntables sold in the first year, the introduction can be regarded as a huge success.

When the first scratchable CD players has been launched, the response was throughout positive. Omnitronic quickly made a name for itself as a brand and has kept it until today.

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