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Omnitronic MIC-Series

Microphones for all kinds of use

MIC CM-77 Condenser microphpone
Condenser microphone with extra thin 18 mm aluminum diaphragm (¾“) that provides a perfectly neutral and brilliant sound and an amazing frequency response. It has a perfect cardioid pick-up pattern, high sensitivity and low self-noise and very wide dynamic range. Designed for professional studio recordings and live use, the microphone is suitable for the pick-up of vocals, wind instruments, overheads and strings as well as electric and acoustic instruments.
MIC 75PRO Dynamic instrument microphone
E-guitar amplifiers, drums, brass instruments, saxophones or the like will love the MIC 75Pro. Singers have also discovered this type of microphone. The MIC 75PRO does not require phantom power nor careful handling. It is extremely durable for the tough life on stage.
MIC 85/85S Dynamic microphone (with switch)
Model MIC 85 and model MIC 85S with switch are rugged and reliable dynamic microphones. They have an exquisite open and present sound offering feedback stability at the same time. They are ideally suited for lead and background vocals on stage.
MIC 85PRO Dynamic microphone
This microphone feels at ease everywhere – no matter which stage or genre. It has an extraordinary reproduction of the voice offering feedback stability at the same time. Thanks to a rugged metal construction, rough handling or drops do not pose a threat to the MIC 85PRO.
MIC 77-7LMH Drum microphone set
Brings out the best sound of every set - during studio and live applications. The set contains a dynamic large-diaphragm bass drum microphone which guarantees a punchy and precise bass drum sound. The four dynamic microphones for rack drums pick up the sound precisely and clearly. Two overhead microphones complete the set. They are high-quality condenser microphones which ideally reflect the sound of the cymbals and the whole drum kit. The set is supplied in a practical case.

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