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Professional 2-channel DJ mixer with DSP section and USB interface
OMNITRONIC EX-820 Digital effects mixer


Professional 2-channel DJ mixer with DSP section and USB interface

OMNITRONIC EX-820 Digital effects mixer

Item no. 10007048

Little trinket!
If one hundred years ago, you told a conductor about future trains running at a speed of more than 400 km/h, he might have declared yourself legally insane. The same had happened when telling a DJ twenty years ago, that today, there will be small mixers, that enable not only mixing of digital audio files of computers, but also overlaying of effects on songs and thus change and design them individually. But technological progress has made achievements such as the TGV or our OMNITRONIC EX-820 come true. The latter is, by the way, not only convinces due to its USB port or its digital effects, like for example Echo, Auto Pan or Flanger. By no means. The appeal of this mixer lies also in the two full duplex USB ports, which enable simultaneous recording and playback, and in the switched-mode power supply of course. Simply a reliable and low-priced unit that is definitely ready for intensive DJ-ing and will inspire all mixing acrobats of today.

Professional 2-channel DJ mixer with DSP section and USB interface

  • Digital mixing of audio files from PC and Mac via USB interface
  • Full duplex USB ports: simultaneous recording and playback possible
  • 2 channels with gain control, 3-band equalizer and channel fader with VCA technology and adjustable curve
  • Separate DJ microphone input with level control, 2-band equalizer and talkover button
  • Prefader listening (CUE) to the input channels via adjustable headphone output, with cue mix control
  • Crossfader with VCA technology, adjustable curve
  • 3 crossfader effects: Echo, Zip, Roll, with automatic or manual crossover function
  • 8 digital BPM-synchronized effect presets in 24-bit quality with routing facility as desired: Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger, Manual Filter, Auto Filter, Reverb, Transition, Pitch Shifter
  • Effect parameters time and ratio variably adjustable
  • 6 parameter presets with automatic BPM synchronization
  • Effects can be monitored via headphones
  • Separate FX loop for connection of external effect units
  • Large LCD for channel, effects, parameters and beat counter
  • Automatic beat counter (switchable to manual operation) for automatic BPM synchronization of the effects processor
  • 10-digit stereo LED level meter, switchable between master and PFL signal
  • Fader start via channel fader or crossfader
  • Inputs: 2 x USB (high-speed 2.0), 2 x line (RCA) 2 x line/phono (RCA, switchable), 1 x microphone (6.3 mm jack), headphones (6.3 mm jack), and return (RCA)
  • Outputs: master (RCA/ 6.3 mm jack, bal.), record (RCA), send (RCA), and faderstart (mini jack)
Technical specifications
Power supply:100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:14,00 W
Width:30,5 cm
Height:10,5 cm
Depth:22,2 cm
Weight:3,45 kg
MIC:6.3 mm jack
Impedance:10 kohms
Max. gain:-54 dBV, ±0.1 dB (2 mV)
Impedance:10/47 kohms
Max. gain: -14 dBV, ±0.1 dB (200 mV)
PHONO:stereo RCA
Impedance:47 kohms
Max. gain:-50 dBV, ±0.1 dB (2 mV)
Impedance:20 kohms
Max. gain:-10 dBV, ±0.1 dB (316 mV)
Impedance:1 kohms
Max. output level:0 dB, ±2 dB (1 V)
MASTER (BAL OUT):6.3 mm stereo jack
Impedance:600 ohms
Max. output level:+4 dBm, ±2 dB (1.23 V)
Impedance:2.4 kohms
Max. output level:-10 dBV, ±2 dB (316 mV)
SEND:stereo RCA
Impedance:2.2 kohms
Max. output level:-10 dBV, ±2 dB (316 mV)
Headphones output:6.3 mm jack
USB ports (type B):2.0, downward compatible
Max. output level:0 dBV, ±2 dB (1 V)
Frequency range:25-20000 Hz, ±2 dB
S/N ratio:>80 dB
Playback and recording:
Max. output level:4 dBV, ±2 dB (1.6 V)
Tone control (DJ microphone):
1 x High:-12 dB to +12 dB/ 10 kHz, ±2 dB
1 x Low:-12 dB to +12 dB/ 100 Hz, ±2 dB
Tone control (channel 1.2):
2 x High:-32 dB to +10 dB/ 13 kHz, ±2 dB
2 x Mid:-32 dB to +10 dB/ 1 kHz, ±2 dB
2 x Low:-32 dB to +10 dB/ 70 Hz, ±2 dB
Talkover attenuation:-14 dB, ±2 dB
Frequency range:25-20000 Hz, ±2 dB
Distortion:0.04% (line, aux), 0,15% (phono), 0,15% (mic)
S/N ratio:>80 dB (line, aux), >69 dB (phono), >64 dB (mic)
Crosstalk:>70 dB/ 1 kHz (line, aux, phono)
Dimensions (WxHxD):305 x 222 x 105 mm
Packaging units
PU EAN Weight Dimensions
1 4026397345216 3,80 kg 36,5cm x 28,5cm x 14,5cm
4 4026397353433 16,25 kg 59cm x 37,5cm x 31cm
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