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EUROLITE NSF-350 LED Hybrid Spray Fogger

Professional fog machines and smoke generators for stages, clubs and events

Artificial fog is always needed when light rays are to be made visible or a certain atmosphere has to be created. Fog effects are devices that create artificial fog with the help of a special liquid, the fog fluid. There are different types of machines for different purposes.


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Fog machines produce large amounts of dense fog by means of an evaporator. They are variable in size, wattage and output volume and quickly produce thick, white clouds. Fog machines are ideally suited for staging rock shows, TV and film productions, in clubs or theaters. Many devices can be conveniently controlled together with the lighting system via a DMX signal.

WLF-2500 Log Fog Pro

A subtype of fog machines are the so-called floor foggers. These cool down the generated fog with the help of ice, a cooling compressor or water, so that it remains on the ground. This method makes it possible to create low-lying clouds of fog that give the feeling of standing in a cloud. The machines are suitable as a special effect at concerts, theaters, operas and weddings.

Stage with lights

Another genre of fog effects are hazers, also called haze fog machines. These devices were developed to create the finest possible haze that is barely visible to the naked eye, but in which light beams from effect spotlights refract. These devices are mainly found in TV productions and events where dense clouds of fog are not desired and the visibility of the artists must be guaranteed. In this category you will find all kinds of fog effects for mobile and stationary use, as well as the appropriate fog fluid for each application and machine.

Fog machines
Fog machines
Ground fog machines
Ground fog machines
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Smoke fluid
Accessories for fog machines
Accessories for fog machines

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Fog effects

For a breathtaking show, for example in the theater, in a club or at an open-air festival, their use is indispensable: without fog machines and the associated fog effects, hardly any event is imaginable or feasible today. After all, artificial fog has two tasks: It creates a very special atmosphere and makes light rays visible.

Our assortment offers you different fog machines. These are - depending on size, wattage and output volume - predestined for use in clubs and discotheques as well as on stages or festivals. The following products are available for you to choose from:

Classic fog machines

Nothing works without fog or fog effects in today's world of event technology. Fog machines - also vertical fog machines - of different sizes are responsible for this popular effect, which is often used at rock concerts or in clubs, for example. We offer compact models for mobile use as well as large, tour-ready machines for large stages. The fluid tanks of the machines, for example from our brand EUROLITE as well as from the manufacturers ANTARI and HAZEBASE, are filled with a suitable fog fluid, which is then vaporized and ejected into the room under high pressure. In combination with lighting effects, created for example by the use of moving lights, fog effects such as colored fountains can be created.

Particularly useful for employment on rock stages and in large clubs: you will find a number of so-called hybrid foggers in our range of goods. These are already equipped with LEDs out of the box. Colored fog fountains impressively frame the DJ on stage and create a very special atmosphere.


The haze fog machines, so-called "hazers", distribute a fine, almost transparent fog evenly in the room without immediately filling it with dense swaths. The fine fog produced in this way makes light and laser beams visible and is therefore perfectly suited for creating impressive fog effects at light shows in clubs, discotheques, in theaters or at concerts. Here, too, our online store offers you a wide selection of devices from the brands EUROLITE as well as ANTARI.

Floor Fog Machines

You want your audience to feel like they are being carried by clouds? Then rely on floor fog machines from our comprehensive assortment in your club or at your event. These devices create thick, heavy clouds of fog that stay on the ground before gradually dissipating upwards. To do this, fog fluid is heated, only to be cooled again with the help of dry ice, ice cubes or ultrasonic devices. This makes the fog heavier than the ambient air and keeps it on the ground. The area of application of ground fog machines is extremely diverse and ranges from weddings to theater performances to film sets.

Fog fluid

As a mandatory accessory for each fogger it is necessary to rely on the corresponding fog fluid. This is the only way to achieve the desired fog effects. When buying the respective product, it is therefore essential to make sure that the manufacturer of a device has approved the fluid necessary for use in the machine. For this reason, in the category "fog fluid" you will find a variety of fluids in different quantities and container sizes, for example, with 1 liter, 5 liters and 25 liters. We also offer fog machines and their matching fluids in sets. Depending on the fog machine and its application, you can choose from various fluids that differ in density and service life. In addition, we offer fluids that are produced without diethylene glycol (DEG) and, thus, prevent health problems. By the way: They are in no way inferior to products with DEG. On the contrary, you receive a high-quality product that is subject to the strictest quality controls and has the following quality characteristics:

  • • Made in Germany,
  • • based on water,
  • • odor-free,
  • • glycerin-free,
  • • toxicologically harmless,
  • • harmless to health,
  • • good biodegradable and
  • • non-flammable.

Accessories for fog machines

Of course, you will also find accessories in our online store that support you in handling your fog machines and creating fog effects. In addition to flight cases for transport, you can choose from, for example, controllers, DMX cables, radio remote controls, fog hose attachments as well as fog hose adapters in our assortment. In addition, we have various fragrances such as apple, lime or vanilla ready for you, should you also want to offer your audience something in this way.

Good to know

The fog machines from our assortment of goods can be controlled either by DMX or remote control, depending on how you want to create various fog effects. You can find more information about this in our online store. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

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