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Container size
200 l
Type of fluid
Title picture smoke fluid

Smoke fluid – Made in Germany

Trust is important, but control is better of course – that’s why we examine our smoke fluids according to the latest standards. Thus we can guarantee to meet the REACH and further regulations.
Smoke fluid B
More than a million units sold
There have to be reasons why in 20 years we have sold more than a million units of smoke fluid. Quality and reliability are the decisive components for success. Our customers know they get an absolute high class product with Eurolite fluids. There have to be reasons why a product has enjoyed the public confidence for more than two decades.
Smoke fluid without DEG
Without diethylene glycol (DEG)
Diethylene glycol, a substance which is often used in smoke fluids, was recently rated as hazardous substance by the European Union and classified higher regarding toxicity. According to this, new tightened labeling obligations have already come into force. We reacted on that and developed an additional fluid without DEG. It has the same effect as the ones with DEG, but with the new fluid, you ensure legal security and prevent legal disputes, liability claims, stiff penalties and health problems – this is why we really warmly recommend to use the new fluids.

Different Versions
Our different smoke fluids are made for different purposes. They vary in the denseness of the smoke and its durability. Depending on the desired effect, these characteristics are important.
Smoke fluid effect image 1
Smoke fluid effect image 2
Smoke fluid effect image 3
The fog produced by fluid B dissipates very quickly. That‘s why it is perfectly suited for short smoke effects, for example. In a same sized room, smoke created by fluid C needs twice as long to vanish totally. The smoke fluid E provides a very dense snoke, which needs ten times as long (as B) to dissipate.
table smoke fluid composition

Information about the microbiological behavior of EUROLITE fog fluids

The EUROLITE fog fluids are produced with materials of high purity. For the individual components of the fluids, comprehensive microstatic effects on bacteria, viruses, yeasts or fungal spores can be verified in the relevant literature.

The solutions of the ready-to-use containers are nearly sterile. Infestation of opened EUROLITE fog fluids by bacteria, viruses, yeasts or fungal spores does not lead to microbial growth. The fluids do not represent culture media for microorganisms.

The used components of the EUROLITE fog fluids serve for indirect microstatic stabilization in cosmetics and pharmacy, for example. The application of the components in aerosols for air disinfection is also known.

Eurolite fog fluids do not pose any microbial hazards from bacteria, viruses, yeasts or fungal spores, either as a liquid or in the fogged state, and can be used safely.

With regard to the virus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19), the above statements also apply.

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