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250 m
Max. height
Maximum carrying capacity
Type (general stands)
Telescopic lighting stands
Telescopic lighting stands
Winch lighting stands
Winch lighting stands
Speaker system stands
Speaker system stands
Microphone stands
Microphone stands
Divers stands
Divers stands
Accessories for stands & tripods
Accessories for stands & tripods

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Buy tripods and stands at Steinigke

If you want to set up various audio equipment such as speakers and other stage accessories such as spotlights, you will need different stands and tripods. Not all stands are equally suitable for every event. Therefore, different types are used for stage equipment. Here you can find out which type is right for your purposes.

What are the types of stage tripods?

The stage tripods are mainly distinguished between two types:

  • Manual extension stand: This type of tripod can be adjusted in height by loosening a screw on the bracket and then moving the tripod to the desired height. Since they have only a low dead weight, hand extension tripods are especially ideal for mobile use. The height of some models is up to 340 cm.

  • Winch lighting stands: In general, crank tripods are somewhat more resilient and can carry more weight than manual extension tripods. They are usually made of sturdy materials such as steel and are therefore heavier, but they also support the load much more stably and safely. With the help of special adapters, it is also possible to mount trusses on the tripods so that they can be moved easily.The operation of the crank tripods is simple: A crank is mounted on the bracket, with which the load can be adjusted in height.

What are the types of stage stands?

When it comes to stands for the stage, a primary distinction is made between microphone stands and loudspeaker stands or speaker stands.

The speaker stands mostly have a stable base plate or a tripod, so that they can stand safely on the respective surface despite the high load capacity. Like crank stands, they are adjustable in height.

The speakers are normally mounted on the stand using a flanged socket. Monitor stands instead have a support plate on which a speaker is placed upright.

Microphone stands are much more delicate, as they do not have to carry as much load. Here it is more important that the microphone can be easily and quickly brought into exactly the right position. Stands with booms are particularly popular, as they can be adjusted quickly.

In addition, you can also find music stands in different variations, stands for different instruments such as keyboard, guitar, or cello, as well as stands for laptops and DJ equipment.

How loadable are stage stands and tripods?

The load capacity of the tripods and stands depends on the respective model. Microphone stands should only be used for microphones and should not be misused, as they can usually only support one to two kilograms. Simple hand extension stands can usually handle a load of about 15 to 30 kilograms. High-quality crank tripods can even handle loads of several 100 kilograms.

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