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Palm trees

Whether for your wellness area, hotel complex or your winter garden - here you will find the artificial palm tree best suited for your use. Our large palm tree assortment offers you detailed replicas of the real models in high-quality workmanship. The lifelike appearance is supported by the use of natural materials, such as real palm fibre material, in many palm trees.

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Creating green oases

Sun, beach, sea and palm trees – these are the words we inevitably associate with the best time of the year: Vacation. It means simply unwinding, leaving the hustle and bustle and stress of everyday life behind. Palm trees are the perfect decoration to bring that vacation feeling into your home. Palm trees can transform your conservatory, patio or pool into a tropical green landscape in no time at all. However, palm trees are not only suitable for your own four walls but also for business premises. As real palm trees are not hardy, artificial plants are used in many areas.
The best examples of this kind of practice are spas and saunas, where the concept has long been perfectly implemented in combination with lounge furniture and recliners. The same applies to hotels, bars and restaurants, where palm trees can be used to conjure up a tropical flair. However, what can you do if the conditions do not allow for a real plant or if you simply do not have the time for extensive care? The artificial palm trees made by EUROPALMS are a versatile, easy-to-care-for alternative that can be used to create any themed decorations even without having a green thumb.

Palm species

There is a large variety of different palm trees: The areca palm tree, phoenix palm tree, coconut palm tree, fan palm tree and yucca palm tree are among the best-known species. They differ mainly in the shape and size of the fronds (leaves) and the different types of trunk. Whether large or small, with a lamellar trunk or natural trunk, narrow or spreading – thanks to the wide variety of leaf and growth forms, there is a suitable plant or palm tree for every room size and furnishing style.

The EUROPALMS range also includes artificial banana plants (banana palms), although botanically speaking these are not considered to be "real" palm trees. Banana plants belong to the banana family but are often referred to as banana palm trees. This is probably because the trunk is in reality only a false trunk, consisting of solid woody leaf stems without branches.

Artificial palm tree or real plant?

For those who find the care requirements of a real palm tree too great, there exists an artificial palm tree as a true-to-life counterpart for almost every palm tree or palm species. Nature serves as an example for the manufacturing of modern artificial plants. Even the smallest details are reproduced true to nature. For example, dried natural materials such as palm fiber or banana bark are incorporated into the trunk. This facilitates the realistic appearance of an artificial palm tree. Thus, even a practiced eye will not recognize an artificial palm tree at first glance. The typical leaf imprinting of each palm tree species is also respected during manufacturing and implemented in a true-to-life manner in each plant.

Another, almost insuperable argument for choosing artificial palm trees for decoration is the amount of care required, a fact which should not be underestimated in choosing a real palm tree. Their artificial counterparts do not raise a claim on placement, irrigation or exposure to light. There is no need to water, to repot or to pluck wilted leaves. The occasional dusting is completely sufficient. Compared to real palm trees, artificial plants are true "lightweights". There is no soil or foamed clay to weigh the planting down. Thus, an artificial palm tree can be quickly redecorated at any time, which is invaluable in catering or event industry. As real palm trees often grow very quickly and can reach a considerable size, artificial palm trees are a very good alternative to their natural counterparts.

There is nothing to be said against but a lot to be said for choosing high-quality artificial palm trees for your decoration. Artificial palm trees made by EUROPALMS are permanently attractive and an easy-to-care-for decoration – regardless of their location or possessing a green thumb. Artificial palm trees are available in various sizes for a wide range of applications.

Interesting facts on artificial palm trees

Whether spring, summer, fall or winter – artificial palm trees accompany us throughout the year. Thanks to the processing of modern plastics (sometimes in combination with dried natural materials), they are now of very high quality and, following a few simple rules, it is possible to enjoy them for many years.

Artificial palm trees made by EUROPALMS are usually supplied in a simple pot (basic gardener's pot). This serves to stabilize the plant and makes it easier to place it in an outer pot. To stabilize the artificial palm tree, it is advisable to fill the pot with sand or small stones. Foamed clay, slate chippings or moss, for example, are suitable as a cover.

To enjoy your artificial palm tree for a long time, we recommend treating it with an impregnation spray for artificial plants. Pulvonin coats each fiber with an invisible UV and temperature-stable, breathable protective layer. This protects the palm tree from water and dirt. Also, the color is preserved for a long time without fading. The maintenance of an artificial palm tree is, therefore, limited to the occasional dusting.

Many modern artificial plants no longer need to be laboriously plucked into shape. They fall into shape by themselves when they are set up. It is sufficient to carefully tilt the fronds (leaves) of the artificial palm tree in the preferred direction.

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