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Digital matrix controller


Digital matrix controller


Item no. 10356370

Now, you're at the controls!
As far as possible you always try to be on the safe side and to be prepared for all contingencies or you put emphasis on a professional device, that does not abandon you and offers much room for maneuver? Then, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the world of our DXM audio matrix controller. With this beauty, you are not only able to mix 8 input signals on 8 outputs. Moreover, you get the possibility to perfectly adapt each signal via crossovers or equalizer, compressor and limiter settings, to the environment and the requirements of the respective output. Ideal for congress or education centers, stadiums, concerts or multipurpose halls, but also for a haunted house on a fair. Let's get to the point: this matrix controller enables a complete audio processing and can do rather everything, except cooking perhaps!

Digital matrix controller

  • 8 inputs and 8 outputs with flexible signal routing
  • 48 kHz sampling rate
  • 24 bit A-D/D-A-converter
  • Integrated fully parametric equalizers or bell per input and output
  • Slopes up to 48 dB/octave
  • Backlit 2 lines x 20 character display
  • 16 user programs can be memorized
  • Up to 1365 ms signal delay for the inputs and outputs adjustable
  • Independent compressor/limiter, equalizer and noise gate per channel with adjustable parameters
  • Phase Invert per output
  • Realtime Software Control über RS232, USB oder RS485 (Com)
  • Minimum system requirements: CPU 500 MHz or higher, VGA card, 128 MB memory, 10 MB of free hard disc space, CD-Rom drive, free COM-port, Windows XP, mouse
Technical specifications
Power supply:100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:30,00 W
Frequency range:20 - 20000 Hz
Width:48,3 cm
Height:8,9 cm
Depth:23 cm
Weight:4,00 kg
Inputs:8, active, balanced
Gain range:-40 dB to +6 dB
Input impedance:10 kohms
Outputs:8, active, balanced
Output impedance:<50 mohms (electronically balanced)
Output gain range:-40 dB to +6 dB
Maximum output level:+20 dBu
THD:0.01 %
Delay:0~1365 ms
HPF:10 Hz - 16 kHz
LPF:35 Hz - 20.2 kHz
Slopes:6, 12, 18, 24 or 48 dB/octave
Type:Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley
PEQ:20-20000 Hz
LOSHF:20 Hz - 1 kHz
HISHF:1 kHz - 20 kHz
Gain:±12 dB; 0.1 dB
Threshold:-24 to +12 dB; 1 dB
Ratio:1:128 to 128:128
Boost:x1, x2, x 4, x8
Threshold:-53 to +10 dB; 0.5 dB
Attack:20 µs to 3 ms/dB
Release:10 ms/dB to 5 sec/dB
Noise Gate:
Threshold:-66 to -24 dB; 1 dB
Attack:0.1 ms to 100 ms/dB
Release:10 ms/dB to 5 sec/dB
Dimensions (WxHxD):482 x 88 x 230 mm
Packaging units
PU EAN Weight Dimensions
1 4026397253382 4,90 kg 53cm x 33cm x 13cm
2 4026397332766 10,80 kg 54cm x 35cm x 28cm
5 4026397308723
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