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  • 10000000729
    BA15d (2)
  • 10000000730
    BA9s (3)
  • 10000001750
    Cable (4)
  • 10000000697
    E12 (1)
  • 10000000693
    E14 (12)
  • 10000000694
    E27 (78)
  • 10000000710
    E40 (2)
  • 10000000718
    Fc2 (4)
  • 10000000719
    G-12 (14)
  • 10000000701
    G-13 (20)
  • 10000000728
    G-22 (9)
  • 10000000702
    G-38 (4)
  • 10000000703
    G-4 (3)
  • 10000000726
    G-5 (7)
  • 10000000696
    G-53 STC (9)
  • 10000000712
    G-6.35 (18)
  • 10000001619
    G-9 (3)
  • 10000000706
    G-9.5 (7)
  • 10000000695
    GU10 (26)
  • 10000000724
    GU5.3 (2)
  • 10000000708
    GX16d (30)
  • 10000000704
    GX5.3 (16)
  • 10000000705
    GX6,35 (19)
  • 10000000722
    GX9.5 (13)
  • 10000000725
    GY16 (2)
  • 10000000715
    GY22 (2)
  • 10000000707
    GY5.3 (3)
  • 10000000732
    GY6.35 (5)
  • 10000000711
    GY9.5 (20)
  • 10000000731
    GZ6.35 (7)
  • 10000000720
    GZX9.5 (1)
  • 10000001174
    PGJX50 (1)
  • 10000000733
    R7s (12)
  • 10000000717
    Rx7s (2)
  • 10000000957
    S5.5 (1)
  • 10000001641
    SFa21 (1)
  • 10000000714
    SFc10 (8)
  • 10000000713
    SFc11 (1)
  • 10000001640
    SFc15 (4)
  • 10000000723
    Special (15)
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    Wires (1)
Operating voltage (lamps)
Nominal wattage
Color of light
Lamp type
Hot restrike
Pin cap lamp
Pin cap lamp
Screw cap lamp
Screw cap lamp
Bayonet cap lamp
Bayonet cap lamp
Double-side-capped lamps
Double-side-capped lamps
Sockets & accessories
Sockets & accessories

Illuminant (Search result: 387)

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To ensure perfect illumination, you need the appropriate illuminants. No matter if you want to illuminate a big stage or your party cellar - we have the suitable illuminants for your light effect devices on offer. In our online store you will find compatible products from well-known brands such as OSRAM, PHILIPS and GE as well as from our house brands EUROLITE and OMNILUX. The extensive assortment includes a large selection of LED lamps as well as halogen lamps, clear gas lamps, rod burners and much more. Convince yourself.

Find the illuminants you need

For professional effect lighting in a club or for illuminating a party cellar, you need different lamps than for lighting a shop window, for example. Clubs usually rely on lighting effects that are already equipped with LED lamps ex works. On a stage, you will certainly use special lamps explicitly for show effects. Discharge or halogen lamps are also used. With studio lamps, on the other hand, you have other expectations that they must meet. As different as the lighting is, so are the associated illuminants.

For this reason, you can filter our complete range in this section according to the characteristics that will facilitate your search:

  • • Sockets
  • • Operating voltages
  • • Nominal power (watts)
  • • Light color
  • • Lamp type
  • • Dimmability
  • • Hot ignition capability
  • • Brand

Not sure which lamp is the ideal product for you? Then simply use our lamp configurator. Within a few clicks it will show you which models we have in stock in our online store according to your specifications.

Halogen, LED, incandescent lamps - wide range of illuminants

Our range includes LED light sources with different light colors (also UV) as well as halogen and discharge lamps in different strengths. With these you can easily achieve all the effects you need for your event. With us you will find:

  • Pin cap lamp: These models are characterized by the two pins on the base. When buying, pay attention to which pin base you need. The most common designations include G (glass), GU (both side cross groove), G(U)x (pin spacing).

  • Screw cap lamp: Among the most classic illuminants are lamps with a screw base. These are marked with an E. The thread is screwed in quite simply.

  • Bayonet cap lamp: These bases are characterized by a twist lock, which is designed to ensure a more secure hold. The products are marked by a B.

  • Double-side-capped lamps: As the name suggests, these lamps have two bases on the outer sides. This is the case, for example, with tubes or rod burners.

Of course, at Steinigke you can get not only plinths, but also bulb sockets & accessories. These include, for example, power cables and adapters as well as terminal spot sockets or complete sets.

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