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They are more than just a container for storing plants and flowers: as decorative elements, cachepots play a major role in characterizing the room and emphasizing your style of living. Cachepots are also popular for professional interior design in office buildings or hotels.

In this category you will find a large variety of decorative pots and vases in various sizes, styles and colors.

Cachepots (Search result: 61)

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Cachepots and what they are used for

Cachepots made from a wide variety of materials and shapes for any type of decoration – that is exactly what you can find in our online store.

Differences between flower pots and planters

Flower pots are containers in which flowering plants and green plants can be planted. Flower pots can be used for decorative purposes, creating a modern and elegant look in a business environment or at home.

Plant pot, flower pot, planter, flower pot, planter – these terms are all similar and all have something to do with where or how you want to plant your real plant or decorate your artificial plant. Nevertheless, they can be distinguished:

  • • A plant pot is usually used for outdoor herbs, plants, and flowers. It usually has one or more drainage holes through which excess water can drain away.
  • • A flower tub is similar, but often larger and more robust. Plants, shrubs, or even small trees are usually planted in them outdoors.
  • • A cachepot is more of a decorative container that covers the actual plant pot or flower pot. The overall appearance of the plant, whether artificial or real, is thus enhanced. Planters are available in various designs, colors, and sizes. Depending on the type of plant it is intended for.
  • • The flower pot is often used as a general term for all kinds of planters. It can be used to describe both a plant pot and a flower pot. A pot in which plants and flowers are planted or placed.
  • • A planter is similar to a flower pot, a large and robust container that is usually placed outdoors. However, it can also be used as a general term for large planters. Ultimately, all these terms mean that plants are presented and cared for functionally or decoratively.

Large selection of designs

The design of the flower pot plays an important role in ensuring that the interior style matches and coordinates with additional plant pots or flower vases. We offer you a variety of designs that will show off your plants to their best advantage. From plain white flower pots to more striking colors and different sizes, we have something for every taste.

If there is a lack of color and warmth in the open-plan office, then artificial plants are an ideal solution. Whether artificial cacti or larger artificial palms, plants have a pleasant and positive effect on the working atmosphere. They are also easier to care for, as an occasional dusting is all that is needed. No constant watering or wilted leaves to keep you from your actual tasks.

But no matter what type of plant, their green color creates a calming and inspiring atmosphere in the workspace and can convey a feeling of nature. For flowers, palm trees, bonsai trees... there is a suitable pot for every species in which they all come into their own. Above all, these usually look beautifully designed, elegantly shaped, or simply simple but modern. We also have beautiful designer vases for bouquets which can be beautifully staged with matching decorative elements.

Pots for real plants

If you opt for a real plant, the choice of a suitable planter is crucial for healthy growth. The plant should be able to develop its green color properly. To achieve this, the flower pot should be about four centimeters larger in diameter than the plant pot itself, as this makes it easy to pour off excess water. However, it is particularly important to ensure that the flower pot is not too large when planting. Otherwise, it can easily happen that the plants put their energy into the root system and this can restrict the growth of the flowers and leaves. The height of the pot is not important and can be chosen according to taste. When planting, choose the right potting soil and water regularly.

Plants generally feel more comfortable in a plastic pot and are therefore easier to care for. Plastic planters are water-repellent and do not absorb moisture, which is an advantage for the plant. Round pots are suitable for most plants because they allow their roots to spread evenly. However, square flower pots are also available, which can be very useful for some rooms as they can also be placed next to each other.

Decorative elements for your special occasion

For special occasions or a particular decoration, we also offer beautifully shaped flower pots that catch the eye and are elegantly designed. Our flower pots add a stylish accent to any room and offer a visually appealing design thanks to their unique shapes. To find the right flower pot for your interior, browse through our online store and let yourself be inspired.

Give your green paradise that little bit extra!

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