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Whether as a professional laser show on the large show stages, in discotheques and small clubs or as animations on projection screens for advertising purposes: We encounter the impressive play with the light beam in many areas. The selection of the appropriate equipment is wide and ranges from show lasers to light effects in which a laser is integrated.

In this category you will find show lasers in different laser classes, laser bars, laser effects and accessories. Details on the safety regulations can be found in the international laser standard IEC 60825-1.

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What are the different types of lasers?

Many different types of laser systems are used in laser stage technology. In event technology, we mainly distinguish between party lasers and show lasers for professional laser shows at larger events.

The party lasers are particularly suitable for events such as weddings or company events as well as parties in small halls, discotheques and clubs. In addition to effect devices with built-in class 2M lasers, such as the LED multi-laser bar, we also offer affordable sets - for example with a party laser and fog machine.

At larger events such as festivals, concerts or trade fairs, on the other hand, larger, professionally choreographed laser shows are often used. The professional show lasers convince with the long projection distances of the laser beams and with the creation of impressive images in the air. When operating a professional show laser, a laser safety officer must always be present.

Our large show laser selection

You will find a large selection of different lasers in various laser classes for stage and live events in our online shop:

  • • Laser bars, that combine different lighting effects and a non-hazardous party laser as a practical solution for mobile DJs, solo entertainers and restaurateurs.

  • • Laser beam effects (laser balls) combine an LED beam effect with integrated show programmes with a class 2M laser.

  • • Professional RGB show lasers of classes 3R and 3B, that can be operated music-synchronously or controlled in DMX mode.

  • • Pure diode laser systems of class 4, partly with ShowNET network interface and matching software.

  • • RGB text projection laser, for the projection of graphics and text as well as animations, spatial and tunnel effects.

  • • Class 3R waterproof RGB white light show lasers for outdoor use.

What is the significance of the laser classes?

The individual laser systems are divided into different laser classes according to their degree of danger. In show technology, the laser classes 2M, 3R, 3B and 4 are mainly used. The danger of the devices increases with each class:

  • • Laser class 2M: Lasers of this class are considered safe, but can cause damage to the eye when looking directly and continuously into the laser beam. No approval or appointment of a laser safety officer is required for laser class 2M.

  • • Laser class 3R: This category includes, for example, industrial lasers and show lasers. Both are generally considered harmless, but for safety reasons direct irradiation of the eyes should be avoided. The appointment of a laser safety officer is necessary.

  • • Laser class 3B: Class 3B lasers can cause eye damage if someone looks directly into the beam or a mirror reflection. Therefore, it is important to remove or cover all mirrors during shows with lasers so that no damage can occur. The presence of a laser safety officer is necessary for the operation of this laser.

  • • Laser class 4: This laser class includes everything that does not fulfil the conditions of the other laser classes. These lasers may only be used with special protective circuits. In addition, a laser protection officer is required on site. Appropriate explosion and fire protection measures are taken before use.

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