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Omnitronic Gnome Mixer

Beauty on minimum space!

When talking about audio products and stylish design, you probably think of headphones first. But why should a mini mixer not be just as eye-catching?
That was our thought when we created the Omnitronic Gnome.
But it is far more than just an eye-catcher:
Its small dimensions, just a bit larger than a large smartphone, and its little weight of merely 500 grams offer many advantages: A Gnome can be taken anywhere, as it doesn't require a lot of space – perfect as back up for mobile DJs. In many small bars, space is also a problem. Here a Gnome is really helpful, too.
You should and will always find a place for this smart mixer.
Thanks to the variety of five colors, it always matches the furniture. Our Gnome forgoes a battery. We wanted to amplify the input signal, that is why we use a cord.

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