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Trussing you can rely on
Whether at concerts, shows, galas or exhibitions – many events could hardly be realized without trussing. And what is the consequence of this vital position within the industry? Quality has to be perfect, of course. Long-lived partnerships with renowned suppliers enable us to keep a high standard for you.

Such a standard also includes the service to paint all your ALUTRUSS systems in any RAL color and in customized lengths – and with a short time delivery. An ample accessory with hooks, clamps, cases, transport carts, lifting towers and so forth tops off the offer.
Among our trussing, you find everything you need: from decoration systems (DECOTRUSS and DECOLOCK) and systems which you can use for mobile installations to permanent, heavy load systems.

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Whether in the design of an exhibition stand, in event technology or in the design of shop windows – the possible applications of trusses are diverse, and their design options are limitless. One thing is clear: Without trusses, many events, regardless of size, would be inconceivable and impossible to carry out. They occupy a central place within the industry. This means that the quality must always be right, especially concerning the load-bearing capacity, durability and safety of the various truss systems. As a manufacturer, we set high standards for the quality of our truss systems. ALUTRUSS can guarantee you this thanks to long-standing partnerships with proven suppliers. By the way: Our truss systems are manufactured exclusively in Europe by specially trained welders certified by SLV.

Our standards also include the fact that you can order ALUTRUSS systems in any color (RAL) or size and we will deliver them to you within the shortest possible time. A wide range of hooks, clamps, cases, transport trolleys, lifts, etc. complete the ALUTRUSS offer.

The following truss systems are available in our store:

1-Point systems

In the extensive product range of ALUTRUSS, you can choose between two 1-point systems. While DECOLOCK is particularly suitable for decorative installations, SINGLELOCK SP can be used for more intensive use in stage and exhibition construction, event technology and permanent installations such as discotheques and theaters. This is because these trusses are characterized by higher stability and longer durability.

2-Point systems

In our store, you will find four 2-point systems. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the truss systems DECOLOCK DQ2, BILOCK BQ2 and BILOCK E-GL22 as well as BISYSTEM PBT.

DECOLOCK DQ2 trusses are often used by our customers for compact, decorative installations with low dead weight, for example in store windows, exhibitions or for decorations on business premises. We have also designed the BILOCK and BISYSTEM systems for use in stage and exhibition construction. If superstructures with high loads are used in an installation, we as a manufacturer recommend the use of the BISYSTEM series.

3-Point systems

Of course, you will also find a wide range of 3-point systems in our assortment. DECOLOCK DQ3 was designed by ALUTRUSS primarily for decorative applications, for example in discotheques or theaters. In contrast, the trusses of the TRILOCK and TRISYSTEM ranges are particularly suitable for use in exhibition and stage construction as well as for permanent installations in event technology. The TRILOCK 6082 made of aluminum is coated with the solid alloy EN-AW-6082 T6 (AIMgSi1,0 T6) for high load capacity. Due to an excellent weight-to-load ratio, this truss system offers a variety of options for adding couplers, hooks and clamps.

The TRILOCK E-GL33, made of aluminum and coated with EN-AW-6082 T6 alloy for high load capacity, is a stable truss system for heavier loads and longer durability. This makes it particularly suitable for intensive and long-lasting use in stage or exhibition construction, in event technology and for permanent installations in discotheques or theaters.

4-Point systems

For permanent installations, especially in event technology, exhibition or stage construction, it is best to rely on the 4-point truss systems by ALUTRUSS, which are suitable for intensive use in stage or exhibition construction, in event technology and for permanent installations in discotheques and theaters: QUADLOCK 6082 and QUADLOCK QL-ET, made of aluminum, can be connected with four conical connectors, pins and pivots and were manufactured with the strong alloy EN-AW-6082 T6 for high load capacity. These sturdy truss systems are especially suitable for heavier loads and longer durability.

Constructed for larger superstructures, the QUADLOCK TQ 390 and QUADLOCK GL 400 series trusses are made of aluminum. With an outer dimension of 390 mm, the former is particularly suitable for the design of tour stages and for use in large discotheques. The truss of the QUADLOCK GL 400 series convinces with an excellent weight and load capacity ratio, longer durability as well as an outer dimension of 400 mm. This makes it predestined for mounting higher loads, for example on theater stages or in discotheques.

TOWERTRUSS TQTR aluminum trusses are equipped with EN-AW-6082 T6 alloy and 20 mm struts for the highest loads. The trusses are used especially for the construction of tower systems I and II as well as for intensive use in stage and exhibition construction and event technology. They offer a particularly large amount of play for hanging couplers, hooks, clamps and other rigging equipment, thus, making rigging more convenient.

Providing a wide range of design options

Most of our truss systems rely on tapered connectors, pins and pivots for connection. The Quick-Lock system used by ALUTRUSS supports fast, efficient and visually appealing assembly. This is especially helpful when trusses are frequently assembled and disassembled.

The construction of our trusses complies with the usual industry standards, such as those issued by the VPLT or the “Interessengemeinschaft Verwaltungswirtschaft”.

All trusses are made of aluminum and can be ordered in various paint and powder coatings. In particular, the black coating, in combination with matching lighting, rich green plants or white and brass elements, will create dramatic effects at your event. ALUTRUSS trusses offer a wide range of design options due to the variety of standard system lengths, corners, circles and accessories. Thus, you are very flexible in the construction of your superstructures. On request, we can of course manufacture special constructions according to your specifications. Further accessories, such as tension belts, projection foils or truss furniture and counter construction can also be found in our store. Just have a look! Our employees will be happy to advise you.

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