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Roadinger Cases
It is innate: the protective instinct.
It‘s just natural that we hold the hands of our children when they take their first steps and give them the feeling of reliability. Roadinger carries this natural instinct over to the show industry. Whether you send your devices on the road or just want to stow them properly – we provide security that you can rely on! There are Roadinger cases and racks in several hundred variations. From simple CD or document cases, amplifier and mixer racks to universal cases or special solutions like foldable DJ tables: The variety is enormous!

Proven quality
Our cases are made in Europe as well as in Asia. The first ones are called Roadinger PRO and differ in their higher quality hardware components and higher quality birch multiplex wood. Both of them absolutely meet professional demands. In general, the strength of the side panels varies between 7 and 9 mm. Smaller record cases may have 3 mm panels, big universal cases, LCD or roadie cases are also available with 10 mm panels.

Own security philosophy
When we indicate the load, we always keep the people in mind that work with the material. Their protection is our main focus, that is why our load indications are often lower than what the cases could really bear – that contributes to safety at work and protects those working with the cases. Our Roadinger PRO cases made in EU are stackable – despite their wheels. These wheels sink into swilleys at the top of the case beneath. This way, several cases can be combined securely.
Shock proof and impact resistant
Specially tailored product cases from Roadinger are furnished with a particular EVA foam, which cushions shocks excellently and protects the content. Many of our amplifier racks are shock absorbent – so you can be sure that your technical gear is travelling safely.

Elaborate components
Erectable rack rails, adjustable trays for laptops, cases which can be modified to tables: Roadinger offers clever solutions for different users. DJs, bands or hire companies, every one will find a case tailored to his demands. Especially expedient for hire companies are our extendable cases. In a modular system, several levels can be combined to one case. Those levels can be parted in different segments, each individually. This way, hire companies can stow the equipment easier and in less cases. Individual combinations for different customers are easy to realize.
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