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Old smoke fluids classified as a hazardous substance!

Attention! Diethylene glycol, a substance which is often used in smoke fluids, was recently rated as hazardous substance by the European Union and classified higher regarding toxicity. For this reason, smoke fluids based on “old” formulations are now considered dangerous substances.

According to this, there are now new critical values for the use of smoke fluids as well as tightened labeling obligations.

But how should concert hosts, bands or DJs be sure to comply with these values? How will authorities react? What happens in the case of damage? Who in the string of sellers will have to assume liability?

New fluid, the safe option

We can't give you the answers to all these questions. But we offer you a safe option: In our new smoke fluids, we use totally safe substances – of course, this has also been tested by independent organizations. We really recommend these new fluids warmly, as they ensure legal security for you and certainly also give you a good feeling – after all, the used components are clearly harmless.

Look at it as an opportunity! Present yourself as a competent supplier to your customers yet again and henceforth offer our new fluids. Please also inform your customers about relevant stipulations and unsolved questions about the „old“ fluids.

Marking is compulsory

If you want to continue selling the „old“ fluids – which we really advise against – please consider the following: Fluids, having been produced prior to June 1st, 2015, don't have to be marked. Every unit having been produced later has to be marked clearly with distinct warning symbols (this is regulated by the chemicals legislation). If a unit is not clearly marked, all participants in the sales chain will be held responsible and must expect liability claims and stiff penalties.

These can even be directed against the dealer – as he sold the substance, which hadn't been marked sufficiently.

Each canister of the „old“ fluids (produced after June first, 2015) has to be labeled with distinct warning symbols and text:

For liability reasons, please assure yourself of the appropriate declaration by your suppliers and do not make any changes to the labeling.

The new fluids are a little more expensive to produce due to their components. We are aware that any cost saving is an advantage for you. But our responsibility to you requires an acceptable solution. Therefore, we have developed new, safe fluids for you. We want to spare you from possible unpleasant consequences.

For further information, please contact Ronny Petzold (phone 0049 931 4061 674, e-mail: ronny.petzold@steinigke.de).

Smoke fluid -B2D- basic

Fog effect with medium density and hang time

Smoke fluid -E2D- extreme

Extremely long-lasting fog effect with high density

Smoke fluid -X2D- extreme

Extremely long-lasting fog effect with extremely high density

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