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LED STP-7 Beam Wash Bar

LED STP 10 Sunbar 3200K

LED STP-10 ABL Sunbar

You can see them on huge show stages as well as on small musician’s stages or with mobile DJs: LED bars with white LEDs that project towards the audience. They produce either very narrow beams or wide surfaces. It was high time to take up this basic idea and expand upon it with some new Eurolite STP versions.

Narrow and wide radiating LEDs in one bar - also this LED bar is something very special. It is equipped with 14 LED units. Half of them are extremely narrow-angled with 2°. These cold white LEDs permeate fog beautifully.

The other half radiate with an extremely broad 40 ° and provide the basic color atmosphere. The color mixing of these LEDs is based on red, green and blue. You can control the narrow, white LEDs individually. The mix of colorful atmospheric light and narrow white LEDs is absolutely mesmerizing. Incidentally, the bars are designed to fit seamlessly together.

The LED STP 10 Sunbar 3200K is an improvement of the previous LED version. The 10 warm white, narrow-beam LEDs feature 5 watts and are almost twice as strong as before. And the warm white tone has also been improved. You can control each LED individually and thus create beautiful chase effects.

Sunbar with ambient light. At first glance, this bar looks like a normal sunbar. It has 10 warm white LEDs, which you can control individually. The special feature lies between the LEDs.

The black front cover is translucent. Behind it 60 SMD LEDs are arranged with RGB color mixing. As a result, the entire bar can light up in color. This is something new and really striking. If you like, you can control each of these 60 LEDs individually, in every color. You can control the bar via DMX and via Artnet as well. With the small DMX mode you can already create beautiful and surprising effects.

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