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Hypnotizing effects? Create them with the MFX-1. The effect sends sharp beams out of its three lenses. Thanks to the infinity function, the TILT movement can be continued endlessly. High speed then creates the hypnotizing factor. The 10 W strong 4-color-LEDs (RGBW) are powerful enough to assert themselves even besides other light effects.

Would you like some more narrow beams? The MFX-2 offers 4 of them. 4 lenses on two heads produce them – the illuminants are 4-color-LEDs (RBGW) with 10 watts each. Control the TILT movement for both heads separately, the PAN movement is combined. Thanks to the infinity function, endless movements are possible on both axes.

Let the cubes dance! Six lenses with 10 W strong 4-color-LEDs (RGBW) LEDs are at your disposal. Combine them with 12 moodlight strips (with RGB SMD LEDs) and make the compact cube shine all-around. When in motion, the beams swirl through the air and give the impression of a light ball.

Nine lenses with 10 W strong 4-color-LEDs (RGBW) create an expansive effect for you: Three lenses are placed on one bar. Each lens can be controlled individually in color and TILT movement. The shared, endless PAN movement provides for wave-like or totally chaotic effects.

Five small LED heads with 10 W strong 4-color-LEDs (RGBW) on one bar provide you with a lot of flexibility: Control each head individually. This way, plank-like or wave-like effects can be created.

With three movement axes, you create fancy movement patterns here: Besides the TILT axis, there is a double PAN axis. The head with three lenses rotates around its own roll axis. It is mounted on a holder, which tilts. Thanks to this extraordinary combination, you can work with double rotation and create a big swirl with the two endlessly rotating PAN axes. The illuminants are three 8 W strong 4-color-LEDs (RGBW).

Make beams dance through the room! 9 LEDs with 4 colors (RGBW) and 15 watts create powerful beams. Choose the rotating speed and create your own movements.

You need even more light in motion? Take a look at this Action Ball then. The ball is mounted on a holder and therefore moves in PAN and TILT direction. Its powerful 15 W 4-color-LEDs (RGBW) provide for assertive light beams. Slow and calming movements or high-speed, chaos creating movements: Seize the opportunity of different moods!

Grab a real eye-catcher with this effect: The barrel, which is hanging on a holder, is equipped with nine lenses. These are divided into 3 rows with 3 lenses each. The lenses are arranged in a way that the whole barrel seems to glow when quickly moved in TILT direction. The TILT movement can be continued endlessly. As illuminants, 9 LEDs with 10 W and 4 colors (RGBW) each are at your disposal.

As colorful and flexible, but remarkably smaller and only about half its weight: The MFX-4 MINI offers you the same functions like its bigger brother, but is better suited for smaller rooms due to its dimensions. With nine 10 W strong 4-color- LEDs, which can be controlled individually, you create diversified effects. Adjust the TILT movement for each bar individually. The PAN movement can be continued endlessly.

Do you like the extraordinary? Take a look at this pyramide effect then: The MFX-9 sends narrow beams in RGBW colors through the room and fills the space with colorful light. Control each of the nine LEDs with 8 watts each individually and create versatile effects! The movement in PAN direction can be continued endlessly as needed.

With this effect, you stay extremly flexible. The MFX-10 offers you five single spots on one shared PAN axis. You can control each of the spots individually and adjust its TILT movement separately. It‘s up to you wether you use the effect as one curtain of light – or create five wildly spinning beams. Both the shared PAN movement and the individual TILT movements of the spots can be continued endlessly. As illuminants, five LEDs with 10 watts and four colors (RGBW) each are at your disposal.

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