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Now even more flexible and more intuitive

Thanks to improved technology, it's now possible to integrate the freeDMX_AP interface into your existing Wi-Fi – so you can still surf the internet while working with the app. Plus, the range of the wireless DMX connection was improved to approx. 25 meters indoors and 50 meters outdoors.
IP-adresses, data rates, frequencies and functions can now be freely configurated. A desktop interface for changing settings and status LEDs make working with the freeDMX_AP even more comfortable.


Control your spots with a really intuitive app, which is fun and directly pitchforks light control into modern times.

Besides approx. 300 already preset fixtures, you can also create new ones. Light'J is now open for all devices, even those made of different manufacturers! Adjust colors, strobe effects and brightness easily via faders and buttons.

Generate cues to save scenes and retrieve them at any time. Several cues can be combined as chasers, this way running lights and the like can easily be programmed. A well-thought out group function enables you to control several devices at the same time.

Even moving heads can now be controlled via intuitive touch pad. Gobos, prisms and effects of the moving heads can easily be controlled via faders.

Save several shows for different setups und stay as flexible as you like it. All that is possible with a logical and easy to use surface! Ideal for DJs, solo entertainers, bands and artists, who want to do without the transport and use of a light control panel. This app only works in connection with a EUROLITE freeDMX_AP interface.
Available for iPhone and iPad
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