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Flat as a cracker – that is how the future of High Performance LEDs appears. And in this flat lies the secret of the powerful LEDs. Because the latest generation of highpower LEDs is characterized by COB (Chip-On-Board) manufacturing. Advantages are a better heat dissipation, a minimum chip distance and an easy control of the LED arrays or LED clusters. Thanks to the closeness of the individual elements – the small and dark squares are single LEDs – the impression of a common light area is provided. Single points cannot be spotted anymore.

COB manufactured light sources offer 100 lumens per watt or more. Their high energy efficiency and their harmonic, even light emission spectrum make them perfect for professional use.

Audience blinder

On par with the conventional. Light designers are amazed by the brightness, the afterglow and the color temperature – which matches that of a conventional blinder. Due to the COB modules it is only one light source with reflector that shines, not several single LED dots. The individual COB modules provide 50, 60 or 100 watts and are available with two or four spots with a beam angle of 60°. These blinders really live up to their name.


Classics with state-of-the-art technology. Two different versions have found their way into the assortment. One in cool white, the other one in RGB. Conventional spots up to 1 kW can be replaced with the PAR-56. With a beam angle of about 35°, they are perfectly suited as discotheque and stage spots. Truly a rival for conventional PARs. The PAR-30, however, is recommended for installations and presentations. It provides basic light, especially for shop outfitting and trade fair construction. Using our special Fresnel lens the beam angle can be reduced to 16° (PAR-56).

ML-Spots/ ML-56 & ML-30

The more rugged colleagues of PAR spots. Their robust housing makes them ready for the road. Presented are three models with different COB modules: 30, 50 and 100 watts. With a beam angle of about 60°, they can be recommended for shop outfitting and trade fair construction. As dispensers of basic light, they convince. Using our special Fresnel lens the beam angle can be reduced to 16° (ML-30 and ML-56).

PMB | performance bar

More than common LED bars.

Via a sensible arrangement of single elements, the performance bars can generate unique lighting choreography. No question, that all COB modules can be controlled separately. Three versions are offered: one with four LEDs in RGB, one with eight LEDs in RGB and one with eight LEDs in warm white 3200 K. They all have NEUTRIK PowerCon jacks in common as well as a monitor stand for an upright mounting.

PMC | performance cluster

4x4 for the stage.
The original under the 4x4. COB clusters. On the biggest stages of the world, the PMC has already demonstrated its power. Thanks to 16 COB modules (each with 20 or 30 watts, respectively), the spot shines with up to 480 watts und provides an unbelievable brightness. The wide-angled beaming WFL (Wide Flood with 60°) is accompagnied by a warm white version (also with 60°) and a narrow-angled beaming spot (Narrow Spot with 15°). Both RGB versions offer the possibility of controlling the colors of each module separately.


3x3 for the club.
The impact of PMCs might be too powerful for many clubs and discotheques. That’s why there is a perfectly tailored version with the right dimensions – the CBC. The 9 COB modules are equipped with 15 watts (RGB) each – the beam angle is 60°. A connection system makes sure that the lamps are aligned when hanging in clusters of several CBCs. Each LED can be controlled separately.


The smaller, the more flexible.
Less power (than the PMBs) is also often sufficient in bars. Accordingly, the small CBB-3 (Club Bar) was developed. Its three modules operate with 15 watts each. The small bar needs little space, but it has a wide beam angle of 60° and can illuminate wide surfaces.


Brings light into studios, focused and in neutral white. The daylight spot‘s 50 watt COB module shines with a color temperature of 5600 K. The combination of color filter frame, adjustable beam angle from 7° - 35°, NEUTRIK PowerCon jack and functions such as dimmer or strobe effect makes it a perfect partner for photographic studios and the like.


Spreads the light evenly. This compact studio light distributes the light over a wide area without producing differences within the brightness. In addition, the color temperature of 4500 K and the equipment with barn doors enable illumination without blending. Optimal performances can be reached in photographic studios or at presentations. The STL-9 shines with nine powerful 3 watt COB modules and is delivered with a NEUTRIK PowerCon jack.

THA-50F/ THA-100F

Two great actors. With their 50 watt and 100 watt modules, adjustable beam angles from 7° - 35° and from 10° - 50°, a color temperature of 3200 K, different dimmer curves and NEUTRIK PowerCon jacks, any theater would give them a warm welcome. Even for smaller stages, they pay off after a very short time. The THA-50F is the modern substitute for a 500 watt theater spot, the THA-100F for a conventional 1000 watt spot.

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