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About us

Facts and figures


Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH

Managing Directors:

Bernd Steinigke & Matthias Schwab




Waldbüttelbrunn near Würzburg, Germany




Show equipment/consumer products

Market position:

Leading in Europe

Private brands:

Eurolite, Futurelight, Omnitronic, Omnilux, Alutruss, Europalms, PSSO, Dimavery


Light, audio and decoration products, music instruments


More than 8000 products


More than 24 000 pallets; about 12 000 sqm storage space

Ability to supply:

More than 94 %

Flow of goods:

Several shipping containers per day


Some 100 packets and pallets per day


In-house quality control of all incoming products, in-house development department, external certification if required

Repair shop:

In-house, with direct customer support, master repair shop

Spare parts storage:

Over 10,000 different items/components


VPLT (association of professional light- and sound technology)

IHK Mainfranken (International Chamber of Commerce)

PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association)

HWK (Chamber of Crafts)

VDE (association of electrical engineering)

LGAD (state association of wholesale and foreign trade)

About us

Steinigke Showtechnic is one of the biggest distributors for show equipment in Europe.

With our brands Eurolite, Omnitronic, Futurelight, PSSO, Alutruss, Omnilux and Europalms we do primarily cover the fields of light, sound and decoration. With Dimavery we have our own brand for musical instruments.

Our customers are retail dealers, wholesale dealers, technical gear providers, rental companies, outfitters for clubs and stages, stage engineers, booth builders, marketing chains, cities and communities. Our aim: a collective success with our partners. Therefore, we are constantly developing new and high-grade products at fair prices.

Steinigke products can be found all over the world. Whether on live stages of world stars such as Rihanna, 50 Cent or national acts like the German band Brings, whether in discotheques, theaters, training and youth centers or at stores and booth construction – our products are meant to be for both professionals and amateurs. It applies to all, it applies to you:

Steinigke Showtechnic – your connection to the world of show

We are offering such a wide range of products, a comparable one is hardly to be found in the industry – this exemplifies Steinigke.

As full-range supplier we do not focus on one, but on several domains. In this manner we are able to present a substantial range to our customers. This makes it possible for our customers to equip a discotheque without several different partners, for example.

Artificial plants – unique for a technical wholesale dealer

In addition to the technical brands we established Europalms as a basis to combine technical devices and decoration objects. It is definitely a great benefit for everybody to offer simultaneously light and sound equipment as well as decoration. Thus, our partners can serve a group of customers several times – the customers on the other side, have no need to search for new providers.

Instruments as special feature for the musical instrument business

The Dimavery instruments series rounds up our basic product range of the most common musical instruments. Again, there is a connection given to the technical assortment: Musicians on stages or in studios have a great interest in sound and light products. Music stores in particular can benefit and, without any additional effort, get their instruments as well as their technical devices delivered from only one partner – and Steinigke is this partner.


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Mission Statement/Our Philosophy

Collective Arrival/Shared Goals

A trusting partnership with our customers forms the basis. Without a close and honest connection, collective success is impossible. But that exactly is our goal: collective success with our partners.

For this reason we want our partners to experience the best support possible, implying a high quality standard in combination with fair pricing and a personal service. Although everything gets more digital each day and the Internet is providing the most information – call us and you will always find someone to talk to. At Steinigke your contact person has a real face.

Home to/for Everybody

Whether for the discotheque, concert stage or father's garage (practice rooms): our products are developed to cover many fields of application. And our products are developed to serve both professionals and beginners. We ensure that no-one is left behind and put at a disadvantage.

Act Responsibly

In our daily business it is essential to deal properly with the responsibility as producer, wholesaler, employer and for some, as competitor.

This is proven by strict implementation of regulations and laws within product manufacturing – we are aware of what we owe to the end customers. This is also proven by the loyalty towards our location – we are aware of what we owe our region and our staff. Furthermore, it is shown in the fair and respectful relationships to our partners – we know how to behave.

In our branch responsibility also implies security and constant improvement of security standards. Therefore, our in-house engineering team examines the reliability of our products every single day and develops new concepts. Not for nothing are we in a leading role considering the introduction of security measures, such as the security motor for mirror balls.

Environment in Mind

Environment protection and sustainability are popular terms indeed. But by virtue of their reputation/brilliance they are often exploited and not really filled with life. This is not what we want.

We just want you to know that environmental aspects play a big role in all of our business deliberations. Nothing but hot air? Not if you think of our photovoltaic system for example. We had solar cells installed on all rooftops of our warehouses and office buildings – total space of all modules is more than 4,000 square meters. It is one of the biggest of its kind in southern Germany. With this roof system we are able to save 320 tons CO² a year. Some additional eco-friendly facts: our pellet heating and our heat exchangers (server rooms).

Legal regulation might often help to protect the environment. However, this is only possible as long as guidelines are implemented without compromise. To guarantee the implementation Steinigke has, among other things, established a department for disposal and recovered substance cycle. This department fulfills the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS). For Steinigke this is not a necessary evil, but a responsible mission, we attend/meet willingly.

Social commitment

As employer we are depending on our staff's performance. This can only work if the basic conditions are all worked out. Steinigke always tries to create perfect basic conditions. This includes for example flexible working times, reintegration after parental leave, family days, health promotion or appreciation and support of honorary office. Steinigke is a family company and as an employee you are, of course, part of that family.


Bernd Steinigke, Managing Director Matthias Schwab, Managing Director

A company like Steinigke Showtechnic only functions with a strong and big team. Below we want to give you an insight in the most important departments of our company.

Head of Management

Although we always come to a decision as a team through dialogue, there have to be those who show us in which direction to head. In times of huge cold blooded conglomerates we are proud to be an owner-managed company. Here, real people with real faces and real passion stand with their name for their own business.


We will be glad to discuss your needs over the phone or by e-mail. We are looking forward to solicit your orders and attend to you as considerately as possible, to some extent even directly on your site. Our 25-strong team employs product specialists for all sectors. There is always a competent point of contact for your needs.

We look forward to your visit and would love to present you our up-to-date products in our showroom. A short detour from the Autobahn 3 is always worth it.

Counter sales

Practice-oriented and experienced colleagues are looking forward to advise you directly on site. Here you have the possibility to catch up on our latest products and seasonal installations. Our big showroom provides the possibility to see our products in action and to combine and test them in different arrangements. Go and give it a try. Our logistic guarantees, you will be able to take the desired goods without a long wait. If it comes to bulk orders please inform us in time,so we can avoid you having to wait.


We deliver our products to Europe and far beyond.

Thanks to our approvals at customs we are able to faciliate a quick and secure delivery of your goods.

Employees from all over Europe are represented in our team. They attend our multilingual sellers and facilitate your contact to us. We serve every customer in every country individually and according to their regional needs. You can find further information here.

Purchase, product development, quality control

All year, our product managers and technicians are on their mission to find and to develop the best products for you. Thanks to large purchased volumes we can offer great conditions for our costumers.

The close cooperation with our production sites over the years makes it possible to customize our products to the needs of our customers and to always have an eye on the product quality

Before a product comes onto the market, you can be sure it has been thoroughly examined by our quality control. We not only follow the valid guidelines of the EU, but also employ independent testing agencies.

Warehousing and logistics

Our biggest department concludes the incoming goods, the optimized storage and the on time shipping. Having a storage capacity of 24,000 pallet positions and a daily output of several lorry-loads a day, a good organization is essential.

Usually, your ordered goods leave us the very same day. The quick processing is made possible by an up-to-date high-bay warehouse, a storage area for small parts – just expanded in 2010, the user-friendly packing station, several automatically controlled paternoster cabinets for small parts and the roller conveyor.

Service and workshop

The work with technically well-devised products often raises questions which need to be answered. We are aware of that fact and provide a quick and easy help for our costumers. The experienced technicians of our master workshop solve problems and fix bugs quick and reliably. The processing status of your device can easily be followed using your customer account. This is made possible by the meticulous work of our service employees. We are able to provide spares even for older devices – thanks to our automatic spare storage.

Marketing, social media and documentation

Without advertising, even the best products would remain unknown. We produce all of our advertising material on our own, whether for the printed or online section. All of our photos, videos, catalogs, advertisements and brochures are created here. By request we even produce individual advertising material for our customers, or supply them with adequate materials.

Steinigke is well-known for its easy readable and in-detail manuals. Again, the implementing happens in our building – this involves translations, parts list and wiring diagrams and all the relevant data needed for the retail.

IT department

The heart of an up-to-date company is the infrastructure and a suitable software solution. Since 1984, Steinigke relies on the development of an own ERP section, which covers all needs: from warehouse management, maintenance master data for articles and products up to the e-mail communication. The continuous further development of that complex system happens in-house and ensures us the flexibility both we and our customers expect.

Our online platform is another task of our IT department. This is primarily about further development as well as the maintenance of all connected systems and websites. Many of these systems provide direct links to our customers. This may include an easy data transfer as well as a complex web service for external ERP systems (more information can be found at Online World).

The core of our modern infrastructure consists of two self-sufficient server rooms. This is where you can find our systems for data storage, as well as our application clusters responsible for the around the clock availability of applications. Modern network technology ensures a smooth flow and a close to 100% availability of our systems for our customers and us.



Own brands





Artificial plants:


Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH is manufacturer, product developer and distributor under one roof. The product range includes more than 7,000 articles with the eight own brands Eurolite, Futurelight, Omnitronic, PSSO, Alutruss, Omnilux, Europalms and Dimavery. Only a small part of the range is covered with trademarks like Neutrik, Osram, Philips, Sylvania, Antari, Sommer Cable, GE, Rigport or Perris.

Why own brands?

Own brands require much effort and investment – development, production, control and marketing for example. But the advantages, especially for the customers, are numerous.

Developmental sovereignty

Steinigke Showtechnic is not bound to any guidelines of other manufacturers and has to buy their products or wait for their developments. We can decide on our own what to produce and when and make our own ideas come true. Furthermore, we are able to modify our products in direct communication with our customers – the experience of our customers can only be advantageous for us. We can also include changes for newly developed products and get them to the production stage. Our imagination knows no bounds.

Our own prices

The price of a product is important. By having its own brands Steinigke is able to co-determine the price – by ordering a larger quantity for example. It has always been our ambition to ensure that everyone is able to afford our professional show equipment. This is possible through our excellent price-performance ratio – so everyone can benefit from it.

Quality standards

Finally, Steinigke defines and implements its own standards for production and controls. Whether it comes to material selection, functioning or safety aspects: it is essential to guarantee a high level. Only in this way, we can ensure to produce high-quality products at a reasonable price. The products of Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH are outstanding. Although the outer appearance mind remind you of competing products, the differences are given.



In the 70´s Bernd and Klaus Steinigke construct their first amplifiers, mixers, jukeboxes and lighting management systems. To show their products in action, the brothers perform as mobile DJs and sell their first products to other mobile discotheques in the Würzburg area.

Their passion for show technology equipment awakens and eventually, they come up with the idea of renting and selling light and audio equipment to discotheques, the event catering industry or music concerts. The company “Steinigke Ton-Licht-Effekte“ is founded in Würzburg. The first sales happen from cellars and a garage.


Steinigke moves to the city center of Würzburg and participates at the first regional trade shows. The first adds are placed in trade journals and the trade with retailers rises. The first catalog is printed in black and white and distributed to the retailers. In the very same year, Steinigke Showtechnic begins exporting its products.


The first warehouse is rented in Zell am Main, a suburb of Würzburg. Now there was sufficient space for the 3 employees and the huge amount of stored products.


Steinigke has its first appearance at the Frankfurt Musikmesse (music exposition). Two years before, import started from Italy, Spain and England.


Until this time, Steinigke only sells trademarks. That changes with the introduction of a development department and eventually the foundation of its own brand Eurolite.


Premiere of the first Steinigke product catalog in color.
In these times produced in cooperation with an external partner, today the whole catalogue range and brocheres are made in house from the own marketing department.


The brands Alutruss and Europalms are launched. The company name changes: by then the company is named Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH. Furthermore, the next move takes place. The company moves to Waldbüttelbrunn near Würzburg.

Beside the first own warehouses and office buildings one of the largest showrooms for light and audio products in Europe at this time were built as well.

For the first time VHS videos are produced for light effects and the first products from far east were imported. The company has now 20 employees.


Futurelight is the second light brand being presented. Steinigke opens the first show technology mailbox in Europe. Although slowly, price lists, offers and further information can be retrieved via a dial-up modem. .


The first Internet presence is launched. The lamp brand Omnilux is patented. The expansion requires the building of a second warehouse.


Steinigke introduces the first audio brand: Omnitronic. After ten years of exporting, Steinigke customers can be found in over 50 different nations around the world–even outside of Europe.


A further expansion of the company building is necessary - the third warehouse is erected on the existing structure. The company has as many as 60 employees and stretches across more than 10,000 m².

The first Webshop runs on an external server.


The first online shop, which runs on an in-house server, rings in a new era. At that early point the Steinigke shop takes the lead in the Internet development within the industry.


Steinigke Showtechnic celebrates its 25th anniversary with international guests and special events.
The Steinigke crew has now more than 100 collegues.


The premium brand PSSO is created.
The small but interesting product range consits of the CLA, the Compact Line Array, which is dedicated for small to medium sized installations and live-applications, as well as system controllers and amplifiers. Special installation boxes from the same series as the line array are rounding the assortment.


The biggest building segment so far is completed and inaugurated. The new warehouse no. 4 is equipped with a computerized semi-automatic storage and retrieval system with over 23,000 pallet places and a large office block.

At the PPV-media awards at the prolight+sound in Frankfurt two Steinigke products are awarded: the Futurelight DJ-Scan 575 ( journal “Soundcheck”, category: Movinglight of the year ) and the Eurolite LED PAR-56 RGB Spot ( journal “Tastenwelt”, category: practical suitability ).

The 8 container-docks ensure a steady flow of incoming and outgoing goods. Per day Steinigke´s warehouse team handles several oversea-containers.


The entrance area is redesigned. The new building section includes besides an additional office block a bistro and a new and enlarged showroom area. The total company space boasts 20,000 m² on an area of about 30,000 m².The number of employees rises to 150.

The reader of the journal “Soundcheck” voted for the Eurolite LED PAR-64 Spot as effect floodlight of the year.


Steinigke presents itself at the prolight+sound with a totally new image. The new exhibition stand is friendly, open, designed for communication and with an impressive roof construction. As part of the PPV reader awards the Eurolite LED FX PAR-100 RGB DMX is awarded as light tool of the year.

One of the biggest private rooftop photovoltaic systems in Bavaria is built on warehouse no. 4. It stretches over 2,000 square meters and provides a peak performance of 300 kWp, whereby the energy needs of the company lies by 130 kW. The CO2 emission reduction amounts to 225 tons a year.

Steinigke Showtechnic is awarded with the "Innovationspreis 2008" by the "Mittelstands - Union Unterfranken". The award was given for our flexibility of our working models, our environmental friendly energy balance, our product development and our industry awards at the LED-sector.


Steinigke Showtechnic celebrates its 30th anniversary and for this occasion invites hundreds of guests to a summer party on the company ground.

The photovoltaic system is expanded with further 150 kWp. Now the CO2 emission reduction amounts to 320 tons a year.

With the takeover of the brand Dimavery the product line does now include music instruments as well.


A new warehouse is built to extend the shipment area.
Thanks to this new dispatch-area especially for bulky shipments the handling is more efficient and faster.

Meanwhile the worldwide export includes 75 countries.

The readers of the journal “Soundcheck” vote for the Eurolite LED-curtains as light tool of the year. The award is presented during the PPV media awards at the prolight+sound in Frankfurt.


Just in time for the prolight+sound, Steinigke launches its new and fully updated online shop. Modern design, customer-friendly navigation and functionality, in short: a new online world.


We are very pleased to have reached the top 5 of the most family-friendly companies in our region "Mainfranken".

Even as a medium-sized enterprise amidst large companies, the jury was impressed. Particular mention was our flexibility regarding the workplace design, notably the work schedule, our part-time arrangements, as well as our flexible work-time model in general, which within the framework of the terms of employment, is exercised based on the individual responsibility of the employees.


COB-LED technology has been established. in 2012 Steinigke was the first in the industry to introduce the new LED technology. Now the COB products can be found all around, such as at the famous Ultra Music Festival in Miami (USA).

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