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Our screens are available in different sizes, with or without motor, and with different aspect ratios (16:9, 4:3).

For those working with bigger screens, we also offer wall brackets and cases. Expedient for everybody: Cable links to securely lay cables on the ground.

Projection Screens

Pull-down screens with spring-roller

  • Projection screen 4:3, 2m x 1,5m
  • Projection screen 4:3, 2,4m x 1,8m
  • Projection screen 16:9, 2m x 1,125m
  • Projection screen 16:9, 3m x 1,68m

Projection Screens TR

Portable pull-up screens

  • Projection screen TR-60 4:3 122x91
  • Projection screen TR-80 4:3 163x122
  • Projection screen TR-100 4:3 203x152

Motor Projection Screens

Screens with motor

  • Motor projection scr.16:9 2400x1350mm
  • Motor projection screen 16:9 3000x1680mm

Motor Projection Screens IR

Screens with motor and remote-control

  • Motor projection sc.IR 16:9,240x135cm
  • Motor projection sc.IR 16:9,300x168cm
  • Motor projection sc.IR 16:9,360x200cm

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts for LCD monitors(32" - 55")

  • LCH-32/47 Wall mount for LCD monitors
  • LCH-36/55 Wall mount for monitors
  • LCH-32/47M Wall mount for monitors
  • LCH-36/55M2 Wall mount for monitors
  • LCHP-23/37M Wall mount for monitors

Wall Mount

Wall mount (10" - 37")

  • LSH-10/37 Wall mount for monitors

Projector Ceiling Brackets

Multifunctional ceiling brackets

  • PDH-43/65 Projector ceiling bracket bk
  • PDH-43/65 Projector ceiling bracket wh
  • PDH-20 Projector ceiling bracket
  • PDH-23/31 Projector ceiling bracket

BST-1 Beamer Stand

High-quality beamer stand

  • BST-1 Beamer stand

Professional Flight Cases

Professional flight case with castors for LCD screens up to 60"

  • Flightcase for LCD ZL46/52
  • Flightcase for 2x LCD ZL32/42
  • Flightcase for 2x LCD ZL32/42
  • Flightcase for LCD ZL60

Cable Bridges 2 - 5 Channels

Rugged cable bridges with antislip yellow cover

  • Cable bridge 2 channels 1000x250mm
  • Cable bridge 4 channels 800mm x 550mm
  • Cable bridge 5 channels 800mm x 450mm

Cable Bridge Curves

Rugged cable bridges with antislip yellow cover

  • Cable bridge 2 channels curve 35 degr.
  • Cable bridge 30 degress 550x550 4chan.

Cable Bridge Cross

Rugged cable bridge with antislip yellow cover

  • Cable crossover cross 550x550 4 channels
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