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Wireless microphone

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The WAM-400 is a wireless, DSP-based conference system that subtly and automatically carries out a number of functions in the background. Thus, it is also suitable for environments without present technical personnel such as video conferencing, large meetings or public sessions. Voice signals are detected intelligently, feedback and background noise thus successfully prevented. The WAM-400 is very flexible thanks to numerous accessories.
Set 1x WAM-400 and 4x UB-200 System
Set 1x WAM-400 and 4x UD-200 System

Key Features:

1. Intelligent Design

  • The built-in high-performance DSP provides precise and noisefree microphone selection that automatically adjusts to changes in background room noise. Acoustic feedback and background noise is effectively eliminated.
  • Noise Adaptive Threshold (NAT) manages the audio system by distinguishing between dynamic audio (such as speech) and noise floor (such as air conditioning). It continuously adjusts the activation threshold, so that only speech level louder than the background noise can open a channel.

2. Automatic Frequency Scan (AFS)

  • The automatic frequency scan (AFS) finds interference-free channels with the push of one button.

3. Infrared Synchronization

  • Enjoy easy and error-free wireless setup by synchronizing channels between receiver and transmitter via infrared signal.

4. Flexible Use

  • The WAM-400 is compatible with the UB-200 boundary microphone and the UD-200 gooseneck microphone.

5. Flexible Expansion

  • Several units can be linked for operation with up to 9 wireless microphones. All link cables are included.

6. Flexible Speech

  • The number of open microphones can be flexibly adjusted to 1, 2, 3 or 4 units.
  • Last Mic On selectable for continuous room ambiance
  • Adjustable priority circuit for each microphone
  • Microphone hold time adjustable between 0.1 and 1 second.

7. Easy installation

  • Contrary to wired systems, no cables have to be laid or holes drilled. The system can easily be integrated into rooms and without damaging any materials.

8. Extensive Connections

The automatic mixer offers all necessary outputs for audio signals:

  • RCA input and output
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Unbalanced 6.3 mm output

9. License-free

  • The two frequency ranges 823-832 MHz (Duplex Gap) and 863- 865 MHz (ISM band) are license-free and approved in large parts of the EU.
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