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Wireless microphone

Wireless microphone

Wireless microphone

Ine ear system

Conference system

Antenna divider

Antenna distribution system

  • Active antenna distributor for operating up to four UHF receivers on one pair of multi-antennas
  • Connects four UHF receivers
  • Improves the interference safety and enlarges the range
  • Four units interconnectable
  • Up to five antenna distributors R-14D can be connected among each other for use of 16 microphones in total

Wide-band direct. active antenna2x

  • Active directional antennas with built-in booster
  • For use with the RELACART R-14D antenna distributor
  • BNC connector

Antenna divider/hub

  • Passive antenna divider with 3 links
  • Splits an incoming signal into two outgoing signals
  • Combines two incoming signals into one signal

Example of use

This drawing serves as an example for the use of Relacart products on stage when creating a wireless sound system for large scale performances.

Wireless Microphone System

For making sure that the system fits the application, we choose 10 sets of HR-31 S microphone systems in combination with 4 H-31 handheld microphones and 6 T-31 body packs, which can be controlled and monitored by the RWW software in real time.

Antenna Distribution System

As the distance between the control room and the stage is quite long, we use 3 sets of R-14D antenna distribution systems and 3 pairs of R-22AU directional antenna systems linked by R-12S antenna hubs for making sure that the signal coming from the wireless microphone systems is transmitted reliably.

Wireless In-ear Monitor System

As monitoring method, we decide to use 3 sets of wireless in-ear monitors for the performers, so they can easily check their sound quality while on stage.

Products used:

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