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Compact Line Array enters second round

Two all-new subwoofers and an upgraded high-mid section round-off the current portfolio and make the Compact Line Array more flexible than ever: The CLA-228 MKII top is now the heart of the system. Integrating BEYMA drivers, it offers a significantly enhanced sound. Thanks to its plastic enclosure, the speaker weighs a mere 18kg. The horizontal dispersion angle is 100° with the curving angle adjustable between 0° and 12°.

The CLA-212 is a double-12” subwoofer designed for suspension and live music with E-guitars. It boasts 700 watts RMS power at 132 dB maximum SPL and weighs 46 kg. The new floor subwoofer CLA-218 features two 18” FANE drivers and is the bass fundament of the CLA system with 2400 watts RMS power and 136 dB maximum SPL. The Compact Line Array is used best for all kinds of small to medium-sized venues–indoor and outdoor–and is applicable for fixed installations as well.

All safety-relevant hardware parts are regularly tested by an independent and accredited testing institute in Germany. The tried subwoofers CLA-115 and CLA-118 are compatible to the new models and are still available.


Item no. 11040901

Compact line array system


PSSO CLA-212 LINE ARRAY subwoofer

Item no. 11040909

Compact line array subwoofer


Item no. 11040917

Dual 18" floor subwoofer


Fly Array

Suspension is the classic use of Line Arrays, the Compact Line Array offers several options for this. The CLA-212 subs and CLA-228 MKII tops can either be installed in standard flying brackets installing them separately or one below the other, or else one after another using the new extension bracket. This significantly facilitates installation, for tops and subs may now be fastened through a single flying point per side, which is ideal for venues with low ceilings.



While the Compact Line Array has always been suitable for ground stack configurations, it has now become even more flexible with the new CLA-212 and CLA-218 subwoofers. The CLA-212 and CLA-218 can be tightly connected, and the CLA-218 can be used vertically and erect. The two models are a superb basis for CLA-228 tops as there is no need for straps to fasten the components.

CLA basic system MK2 S complete

Item no. 11041056

Compact line array for permanent installations and touring purposes

CLA basic system MK2 M complete

Item no. 11041057

Compact line array for permanent installations and touring purposes

CLA basic system MK2 L complete

Item no. 11041057

Compact line array for permanent installations and touring purposes

High power at minimum weight

The new edition of the HSP series again combines well-tried analog amplifier design with the benefits of modern switch-mode power supply technology. The use of SMPS results in weight and space advantages, which is a huge plus for road use and, moreover, is energy-efficient.

The two top models, the HSP-4000 MKII and HSP-2800 MKII, employ a three-tier Class H architecture and are used best for powering large subwoofers such as the floor and suspension subs of the Compact Line Array. Despite an output power of 4000 and 2800 watts respectively the amplifiers weigh only 14 kg.

The two smaller models are ideal for powering the high-mid sections of the Compact Line Array: The medium model HSP-2100 MKII is driven by a two-tier rail circuit, while the smallest model HSP-1000 MKII is the only model which is equipped with a classic Class AB architecture.

Common to all models is an extensive set of protection circuits, high impulse stability, highly efficient front-to-rear air routing, nearly inaudible limiters and precise signal processing of the highest standard.

PSSO HSP-1000 MKII SMPS amplifier

Item no. 10451682

Stereo PA amplifier with integrated SMPS

PSSO HSP-2100 MKII SMPS amplifier

Item no. 10451686

Stereo PA amplifier with integrated SMPS

PSSO HSP-2800 MKII SMPS amplifier

Item no. 10451690

Stereo PA amplifier with integrated SMPS

PSSO HSP-4000 MKII SMPS amplifier

Item no. 10451694

Stereo PA amplifier with integrated SMPS

Amp-Set for Line-Array S

Item no. 11041053

Complete amp set

Amp-Set for Line-Array M

Item no. 11041054

Complete amp set

Amp-Set for Line-Array L

Item no. 11041055

Complete amp set

Control Made in Germany

Developed and produced in Germany, the controllers DXO-26 PRO and DXO-48 PRO are the ideal digital control center for the Compact Line Array. Both models are optimally equipped for mobile use and permanent installations through their front USB and rear Ethernet ports. They can be operated and monitored on Windows and Mac computers.


The controllers use high-quality 64-bit processors for internal signal processing. Each input and output has ten EQs with Bell, Low and High-Shelf, Notch as well as Low, High, Band and Allpass filters. Furthermore, all inputs and outputs feature a fully configurable compressor/limiter and a delay of up to 2000 ms. All inputs can be flexibly routed to the outputs for all standard mono and stereo operating modes. Frequency splitting can be done with Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley filter types with slopes up to 24 dB/octave. Additionally, high- and low-pass are filters available for the inputs.

AusschnitT Bild

PSSO DXO-48 PRO Digital controlle

Item no. 10356364

Digital speaker management system with real-time network communication

PSSO DXO-26 PRO Digital controller

Item no. 10356362

Digital speaker management system with real-time network communication


Our two types of cases for four or eight CLA-228 tops respectively enable quick and easy mounting and dismounting of the Compact Line Array. The case for four CLA-228 tops accommodates four ready-connected high-mid sections. The case for eight CLA-228 tops houses a double set of four ready-connected speaker systems, so that installers simply take out the pre-mounted top speakers and proceed with the cabling.

For convenient transport of the subwoofers, matching wheel boards are available as accessory; the large CLA-218 already come with castors installed.

zubehoer Case

Roadinger Flightcase for 4x CLA-228

Item no. 11040999

Flightcase with castors for four CLA-228 line array

Roadinger Flightcase for 8x CLA-228

Item no. 11040998

Flightcase with castors for eight CLA-228 line array

PSSO Wheel board for PSSO CLA-212

Item no. 11040921

Wheelboard for subwoofer

PSSO Wheel board for PSSO CLA-118

Item no. 11040922

Wheelboard for subwoofer

PSSO Wheel board for PSSO CLA-115

Item no. 11040920

Wheelboard for subwoofer

Simulation software for planning events

Virtually simulate events with the respective installations: Now possible with this free software for PSSO Compact Line Arrays – this way, you save time and nerves and avoid mistakes.

The components of the line array can easily be chosen. This way, events can comfortably and intuitively be planned at the computer:
The electroacoustic data of all CLA models are contained in the software, subdivided into tweeters and mids (CLA-228, CLA-228 MK II), flying subwoofers (CLA-115, CLA-212) and floor subs (CLA-118, CLA-218). On the floor, all subwoofer models can be combined, whereas you have to choose one of the CLA-228 versions and a flying bass for flying applications.
After setting-up the event area with the software, the expected frequency response and sound level of the Line-Array can be simulated with microphones placed in the audience area at defined positions. If necessary, the installed equipment can then be modified. It's possible to simulate several stages at the same time, for example galleries in a theater.

Especially with limited installation time, you can now consider important factors of the event area in advance. Even new users get reliable support for the successful implementation of the PSSO CLA Line Array.
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