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17 models – for a maximum of flexibility

The K series has been designed for small to middle events with high demands regarding sound fidelity. This is guaranteed by built-in speakers from the European manufacturer CELTO Acoustique. Seven tops, seven subwoofers and three monitors are part of this series.

The K series is designed for mobile use and permanent installation and comes completely equipped with Neutrik connectors.


Six out of seven tops play fullrange via a 2-way system. From 8 to 15 inches each is equipped with a rotatable 1“ horn (200/300/400 W RMS + 1000 W for the double 15“). In addition, there is a 15“ version (600 W RMS) showing a rotatable horn with 1.4“.

Last but not least, the top of the range: the fullrange 3-way system K-315HD for biamp operation with 15“/ 6.5“/ 1.4“ (700 W RMS LF / 300 W RMS MHF).


The corresponding bassreflex subwoofers are available equipped either singly (12“, 18“ or 21“ with 1000 and 1600 W RMS) and doubly (10“, 12“, 15“ and 18“ with 600 to 2000 W RMS).


The 2-way-speakers come as 10“, 12“ or 15“ version. While K-212CM is equipped with a 1“ high-frequency horn, K-212CM and K-215CM show a 2.8“ horn. 300 W RMS, that is the rated power of the smaller model. Both of larger systems perform with 400 W RMS. All monitors have a flange for stand installation.

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