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Light'J – open for all devices – for Android and iOS

Control your spots with the intuitive Light'J app, which is fun and directly pitchforks light control into modern times! With the app, light devices of all manufacturers can be controlled. The surface is logical and easy to use.

Besides more than 300 already preset fixtures, you can also create new ones. Light'J is open for all devices, even those made of different manufacturers! Adjust colors, strobe effects and brightness easily via faders and buttons. Even moving heads can now be controlled via intuitive touch pad. Gobos, prisms and effects of the moving heads are easily controlled via faders.

Save several shows for different setups und stay as flexible as you like it. Ideal for DJs, solo entertainers, bands and artists, who want to do without the transport and use of a light control panel. This app only works in connection with a EUROLITE freeDMX_AP Interface.

In-app purchase

For a small extra charge, you can add other functions to the app: Use the additional master dimmer, save your scenes and cues on several devices or play several cues and chases at the same time. Extra functions can be purchased individually in a package.


Holen Sie sich einen Masterdimmer für Ihre Bedienoberfläche. Auf diese Weise können Sie alle Geräte auf Knopfdruck heller oder dunkler stellen ohne die Helligkeit pro Gruppe regeln zu müssen. Das lohnt sich dann besonders, wenn Sie mehrere Scheinwerfer oder Gruppen einzeln ansteuern.


Mit J‘Transfer können Sie Ihre Chasers, Cues sowie die Fixtureliste sichern und auf andere Geräte laden. Teilen Sie Ihre Shows mit Freunden und erhalten Sie so eine größere Abwechslung in Ihrer eigenen Licht-Performance – und das ohne eigenen Programmieraufwand.


If you felt like the number of chases and cues has been too limited until now, this is your function. With J’Expand, you can save as many of these parameters as you want to, there’s no more limit.


Add a multiplayer function to your Light’J app: You can play several cues and chases at the same time. Have you divided your spots in two groups? Or do two of your programs look perfect when combined? Go for it then and make several chases perform at the same time.

Basic features:

Open for all devices:

Devices of all brands can be added to the database and controlled with the app. Just enter the DMX values in the input mask and start.

Control moving heads:

Even moving heads can be controlled. Basically all features can be controlled with the app: For example pan and tilt movement, speed, gobos and prisms. If the moving head offers a more extensive equipment, the characteristic Light‘J control surface with buttons arranged in a circle will not be sufficient. In these cases, the app can be switched to a classic fader control surface.

Channel editor:

With the additional channel editor, devices can be controlled channel by channel via fader.

Name chasers and cues:

Saved atmospheres, shows or setups can be freely named. This makes searching and retrieving a lot easier.

Extended data base:

We continously expand our services. By now, you can find more than 300 devices of Eurolite and Futurelight in the data base.

AUX features on all layers:

AUX channels can be defined and retrieved from every layer. This way, an additional fog machine or the basic illumination for breaks can be controlled easily.

Main control:

The app automatically identifies the features of each device (which has been saved in the data base) and connects the single functions to the main symbols. The symbols are: Color picker, brightness, strobe, effect, sound control, pan and tilt, gobo. The symbol „effect“ has been pre-programmed for Eurolite and Futurelight devices and can only be newly assigned for newly added devices – of course also for devices of other manufacturers.

Active or selected articles:

Select and control one or several articles. Groups of devices can be controlled simultaneously, for example for color changes etc.

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