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The Original

The original among the mobile light systems with flat spots is represented with 11 versions. They vary in the form of the spots (round or square), in number and kind (single-color, 3in1, 4in1, 5in1 LEDs) of illuminant and in the attachment option (via IEC sockets or not). This variety enables every mobile DJ, solo entertainer or band to find their perfect light partner.

Eurolite LED KLS-40

The Half Pint

No. 42109605

Super small and super light: With less than 3 kg in weight and 45 cm in length, the KLS-40 is smaller and lighter than all the others. With its 30 Watt LEDs (RGBW), it still is powerful enough to spread good vibrations on stages and parties. Thanks to its QuickDMX connector, wireless control is possible.

*Coming soon

Eurolite LED KLS-160

The Cheeky One

No. 42109615

Also small and light (5 kg). But still very powerful with its 16 TCLs (3 W each). This power is doubtlessly enough for small stages. A special mounting unit also allows wall mounting or positioning on the floor.

Eurolite LED KLS-401

The Joker

No. 42109781

So far one of the most popular sets. With 7 kg it is very lightweight and with its 720 LEDs (RGB with 10 mm) very powerful as well. This KLS helps to enlighten more than the smallest stages.

Eurolite LED KLS-5050

The Rebel

No. 42109882

The only KLS equipped with SMD LEDs. Thanks to the wide beam angle of 140° it produces a wide and high luminosity at a short distance. 576 LEDs in total, 144 per spot (type SMD 5050). Weighs only 9 kg.

Eurolite LED KLS-2500

The Godfather

No. 42109892

Most colors and most powerful within the family. It is the first KLS with 5in1 LEDs (pentacolor). All diodes have a power of 10 watts and a color mixture with red, green, blue, amber and white. An OLED display guarantees a clear view.

Eurolite laser bar FX light set

The allrounder

No. 51741090

The allrounder among the KLS is not only equipped with two TCL spots, four strobe LEDs and two derby effects – additionally, it offers a class M2 laser. Thus it unifies lighting for an entire club on one bar. Regarding control, it does without cables: A remote control and a wireless foot switch are included in delivery.

Combo packs

When you need more than a basic KLS, you can use additional devices. To simplify your search for appropriate products, we composed Combo packs with reasonable extra equipment for some KLS models. On the page 'Accessories' you can also arrange your own set.

Eurolite KLS-combo pack 1

No. 42109541

  • Very compact
  • Combines four LED spots and six flower effects
  • Set consisting of: LED KLS-200, LED SCY-Bar TCL, speaker system stand, adapter
  • Basic light with KLS, effect light with SCY

Eurolite KLS-combo pack 1

No. 42109542

  • Very compact
  • Combines four LED spots and four flower effects
  • Set consisting of: LED KLS-200, LED QDF-Bar, speaker system stand and adapter
  • Basic light with KLS, effect light with QDF

Eurolite KLS-combo pack 8

No. 42109548

  • Versatile mobile light set
  • Combines four LED spots and beam effect and four matrix effects
  • Set consisting of: LED KLS-401, LED MAT-Bar, LED SCY-200, speaker system stand and adapter
  • Basic light with KLS - effects with MAT-Bar and SCY
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