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Phone: +49 931 4061 600

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Phone: +49 931 4061 600

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Sales management

Phone: +49 931 4061 600

Purchase/contact for providers

Phone: +49 931 4061 600

Telefax: +49 931 4061 720


Phone: +49 931 4061 44

Telefax: +49 931 4061 750

Marketing, promotion support

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Phone: +49 931 4061 600

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Trussing, cases & microphony

Erwin Jenuwein +49 931 4061 671

Specialized Trade & Team Leader Sales Department Germany

Christoph Hartmann +49 931 4061 637

Video & controls

Sascha Fischer +49 931 4061 634

Light technology

Ronny Petzold +49 931 4061 674

Hire & rental

Max Albert +49 931 4061 678

Theater & Live

Andreas Zöllner +49 931 4061 640

Specialized Trade / Instruments

Rainer Kraus +49 931 4061 622


Uwe Dietl +49 931 4061 631

Petra Spanheimer +49 931 4061 611

Tecnical Know How


History of the EUROLITE PAR-can.pdf

The PAR-can exsists for more than 50 years now and EUROLITE also has a exciting history with

the famous can of more than 30 years...

50 years of laser.pdf

In 2010 it was the 50th anniversary of the laser. We’ll tell you the story.

Filtercafé – What is a dichroic filter

Dichroic filters allow only a certain type of wavelength to pass through and hereby filter

out a specific color spectrum. We'll show you how it works.


A class of its Own - PA Amplifiers.pdf

Technical data for audio amplifiers can be confusing: Here's help

Amping for actively separated sound-systems.pdf

Introduction to two different philosophies of selecting amplifiers for big audio systems

The Line Array in Theory & Praxis

Theoretical and practical approaches


Digital speaker controllers are the core of every modern public address

system nowadays, yet many users are overwhelmed by the features.

Know-how 100 V PA technology.pdf

100 V technique is used for a broad array of applications, we show you which

Little Helper from Omnitronic.pdf

The first part of this series takes a look at DI boxes and isolators

Little Helper Part II.pdf

The second part of this series centers on small mixers and preamps

Noise protection with the OMNITRONIC SPL-1 Controller with limiter

In Germany, the organisational and legal legislation have changed a lot during the past 10 years.

On the Road with PSSO's Compact Line Array.pdf

We take a look behind the scenes of some events with the Compact Line Array from PSSO

Monitoring: more important than many believe.pdf

It's essential for musicians to hear themselves during their performance

CobraNet Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

An overview over the audio network CobraNet


Event rigging.pdf

Event rigging: legal background
There are lot of guidlines for handling truss systems. We sum up the legal background.


IP Code – what does IP stand for?.pdf

IP stands for International Protection, sometimes also named Ingress Protection and normally is represented by two numbers.

Service and Support

We are there for you!

If you should have questions or problems and you need help, we are always at your disposal.

Just write or call us, as you like.
You can reach us under ++49/931/4061-600 or via

Do you want to send something for repairing, ask for a cost estimate or do you have technical questions or spare parts inquiries? We have installed comfortable functions for a quick processing. Here you can also order catalogs and contact us.


Distributor registration

We usually only deliver to commercial customers, resellers and distributors. Via the form Distributor registration you can easily ask for an customers registration. After a short check of your datas and eventually a request for your VAT and commercial registration you´ll get within two days an access to our internal dealers area within the shop system.

Distributor registration

request catalogue

We are happy to hear from you!

Our catalogues and brochures you can easily order here free of charge.

If you have already some detailled questions or demands, it´s a pleasure to us to help you immediately.

Just give us a short message in the box. Customers with bulk orders or industrial customers can contact us directly here

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We are interested in all your comments.Your support is in the hands of motivated colleagues.

Please tell us what you think, we take your suggestions seriously. Here you can leave us any message you like.

For technical questions, catalogue order or dealers registry we suggest to use for a quick response the contact forms in this menu.

Customer number (if available):
Your message:

technical request

Our trained technicians are looking forward to help you with your problems.

Please describe as exactly as possible the product and the facts of matter.

This makes it possible for us to answer your question quickly and without many queries.

Please name us the device, which you have a question for, in detail. Usually you find the describtion on the label. The article number, the serial number and the year of manufacture, if known, are helpful as well. Thank you!

Device type:
Your message:
Telephone number:

replacepart request

At Steinigke Showtechnic spares of all products of the past years are available.

Our traders have access to the entire range of spares and can order it for you at any time.

You can´t find your spare? Use our application forms and write us, what you are looking for. We would like to help you and we will do our best to find your needed piece.

Please name the device which you need the spare for as detailed as possible. The label is usually to be found at the type plate. The information, if exists, about the article number, the serial number and the year of manufacture would be helpful.

Thank you for your help!

I am looking for a spare part for the following Steinigke item:
Your message:
Telephone number:

cost estimate

To know in advance the costs of the repair of your device, you can send it in for an appraisal at a small charge, so you will be informed about the repair costs and decide afterwards if your device shall be repaired or not.

If you give us a repair order, the amount will be prorated.

An extensive default describtion will siginficantly reduce the working time, for example a time-consuming default search can be minimized.

Example: " After 30 minutes in operation at full throttle the bass speaker starts to distort. It gets worse after some time. The speaker was used during an event and might have been overpowered.

Device type:
Error description:
Customer number (if available):
Zip code:
Telephone number:

How to become a registered dealer?

If you are interested in a commercial partnership with our company you can apply for a retailer account using the link below. That is where you indicate your company data and upload your trade license or certificate of registration (you can send it as well as a fax). After verification you will get your personal access code to our secured dealers section the next working day. Here, further service offers and marketing assistance are available. We are already looking forward to a pleasant cooperation with you!

Further information: Distributor registration

How does the collection of goods by the customer work?

Of course you can pick up your goods personally at our head office in Waldbüttelbrunn. Just ask via phone or e-mail whether your goods are available or if they can be inspected in our showrooms.

Further information: Opening hours, Versand

Which ways of payment are accepted?

We offer several ways of payment: prepayment, cash on delivery, debit and credit card. Please inform yourself about the conditions.

Further information: Payment

Which ways of delivery are offered?

Commonly we use the DPD (Deutscher Paket Dienst), Deutsche Post AG, TNT or a shipping company to send your goods as cost saving as possible. If orders exceed constituted limits or are extremely fragile we will choose the optimum dispatch type.

Further information: Shipping

What is the average time of delivery?

We provide a large amount of products in our warehouse and are able to supply a reliable ability to deliver. If you order before 2 pm, the stored goods commonly leave our house the very same day, but not later than the next working day (exception shipping orders).

Further information: Shipping

What to do in case of transport damage?

We carefully package our goods and check them in detail before leaving our house. In spite of all precautions, a damage during the transport might occur.

It might occur that just the cardboard box, just the content or both got damaged. If you have doubts it is necessary to note those on the receipt of the driver during the hand over of the package.

If the shipping is done by DPD or TNT Steinigke will undertake the claims settlement for you, if reported in time. Using a different kind of dispatch please contact your forwarding agency or the Deutsche Post AG.

The compliance with periods as well as an exact documentation of the damage is required for a smooth flow of tasks.

Further information: Shipping

You have a return or repair?

For organizational reasons, our goods receipt department can only accept freight paid deliveries. In case of quality complaints please use the free-way parcel stamps of the Post. These can be requested at the customers area of our shop.

An attachment of a detailed bug description, a possible request for an estimate and a copy of the proof of purchase, in case of a warranty repair, are essential for a smooth flow of tasks.

Every additional request of us needs more time and delays the processing.

The processing is even faster if you use the service point in our customers area for your return and leave your exact repair wish there.

Further information: Shipping

How can I obtain a copy of invoice?

Contact our accounts department and pass your invoice number. You will get your copy as soon as possible.

Where can I find instruction manuals, schematic drawings or spares?

You get every piece of information directly at the article view at our shop range.

norms abidance, CE and ROHS

How does communication with Steinigke work?

We appreciate your feedback. Your support is handled by motivated employees. Whether you contact us personally, in written, by phone, fax or e-mail – whether it is about product suggestions, inexplicit descriptions or gathering information about a delivery situation of one of our dispatch partners – whether it is compliments or criticism, please contact us, we are happy to receive your suggestions and comments at any time. You can leave your comments to a product in our online shop using a special button below. Thanks to you we are able to shape our product details in a useful manner.

Further information:Support

What are the opening hours?

We are here for you:
Monday to Thursday: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
Friday: 8.30 am to 4.00 pm

Warehouse collection for bulk orders:

Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 4.00 am (please advise bigger collections early if possible )
Foreign forwarding agencies need the reference number of their customer!

Further information:Contact

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