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The demand for DMX channels increases. Spots, panels and bars with individually controllable LEDs are getting more and more – and with them, the number of control channels.

Isn't there a better possibility than DMX?

Yes, there is one, Artnet.

The number of transferable channels is remarkably bigger than with a DMX protocol: When until now cables had to be drawn and several controllers had to be used, everything can now be controlled by using only one cable.
This function is implemented in the Futurelight LED PXB-160 Artnet Bar. The Cat5-connections can be plugged directly into the bars and looped through. Several bars can easily be connected in a row, whereas you would need one cable for each bar with DMX. Even the power supply can be looped through with Artnet, so you can realize even complex installations without a big effort in drawing cables.
The smaller PXS-20 and PXS-40 strips offer different solutions regarding control: Here, a special Artnet controller is installed near the strips. This controller can be connected to up to 16 devices. You don't need to assign adresses like you would do with DMX. The single devices send their IP adresses back to the controller and can so be located and patched.
But you can even use Artnet for DMX controlled devices: Several light controllers and softwares are able to emit Artnet. The signal is not converted to DMX until on stage. Eurolite offers the Artnet-DMX Node 8 for this, which supports 8 universes. MADRIX offers Luna, a whole series, for 4, 8 or 16 DMX universes.
LED PXB-160 Artnet Bar
LED PXS-40 Strips
LED PXS-20 Strips
Artnet Controller

Madrix Luna 8

Arnet-DMX Node 8
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