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Cymbidiumzweig, weiß-pink, 90cm

Art. Nr. 82530312

  • Thick branch with flexible branches
  • 9 blooms
  • Color white-pink
  • Length 90 cm

Cherrybush, pink, 60cm

Art. Nr. 82530566

  • Natural look by different colours
  • Perfect for any room decoration
  • Colour pink
  • Size 60 cm

Forsythiabush, 60cm

Art. Nr. 82505629

  • To pimp up arrangements
  • Yellow flowers on 5 sprays
  • Height approx. 60 cm

Dune grass, 95cm

Art. Nr. 82600102

  • Natural green blades of grass
  • 850 blades of grass
  • In decorative white wood pot
  • Height 95 cm

Coconut palm with 18 leaves, 160cm

Art. Nr. 82509755

  • Artifical trunk wrapped with palm fiber
  • 18 palm fronds with textil leaves
  • With gardeners pot
  • Height 160 cm

Kentia palm tree, 150cm

Art. Nr. 82609505

  • Kentia palm tree with two trunks, perfectly suited for planting
  • 2 trunks
  • Height 150 cm

Arrangements galara leave XXL

The classical beauties

Galara leafs are the basic elements of various classy decorations. Whether for Christmas decorations, unobtrusive ones or exotic ones:
With a Galara leaf, you're always right. Here you see some examples of decorations made with a Galara leaf:

Arrangements galara leave

Little effort, big effect!

Galara leafs are usable in various ways and can easily be integrated in different arrangements. As a classy compagnion, the golden Galara leaf gives the special touch to any decoration.

Arrangement for celebratory occasions

Classy decoration for special occasions

This arrangement with classy hydrangea blossoms is perfectly suited for the decoration at celebratory occasions like weddings. As a beautiful detail, it decorates entrance areas as well as big festival halls.

In this case:
No. 82530561 Hydragena spray, cream, 76cm
No. 82530569 Alliumspray, lavender, 55cm
No. 83011876 LEICHTSIN BOX-120, shiny-silver

Arrangement garden party

For mild summer nights

The garden parties of this summer season can come! This arrangement of classy artificial plants is suited for outdoors. As it glows decently in the dark,
it's perfectly suited for the decoration of garden and summer parties.

In this case:
No. 83330310 Camellia bow, with LEDs, white, 50cm
No. 82600153 Zamifolia, 70cm
No. 83502357 Seebean XXL, sand
No. 83502350 Vinecrown, natural, ca.50cm
No. 82503716 Grass tendril, bright-green 105cm
No. 83011880 LEICHTSIN BOX-120, shiny-brown

Arrangement hortensie


This arrangement welcomes your guests and spreads an open and friendly atmosphere. It's perfectly suited for entrance areas as well as halls and corridors.

In this case:
No. 82530560 Hydragena spray, lavender, 76cm
No. 82503549 Melon Vine, 180 cm
No. 83309106 Decoration moss, ca. 1.5kg
No. 83011417 Decoplanter STONA-75, cubic, beige

Arrangement spring

Spring freshness!

With this classy arrangement, you bring spring into your company, your lobby or your waiting room! The fresh colors of this arrangement create a friendly atmosphere and adds a relaxing and friendly touch.

In this case:
No. 83332005 Ironpillar, greek, 80cm
No. 83502359 Galaraleave, dried, natural
No. 83502352 Mossball, green, ca.30cm
No. 82530566 Cherrybush, pink, 60cm

Arrangement spring awakening

Let spring awake when you want it!

Independently of the weather you can bring spring into your house whenever you want to: With this arrangement, you get spring blossoms inside.

In this case:
No. 83502354 Pyramid, natural, ca.90cm
No. 82505629 Forsythiabush, 60cm

Arrangement seebean

For rustic decoration ideas

Independently of the weather you can bring spring into your house whenever you want to: With this arrangement, you get spring blossoms inside.

In this case:
No. 83502357 Seebean XXL, sand
No. 83502356 Seebean XXL, cappuccino
No. 82530572 Stonerose (EVA), pink, 32cm
No. 83011877 LEICHTSIN BOX-120, shiny-white

Entrance decoration

Seasonal "Wunderkind" for outdoor use

Having two green leaf plants by your front door you are able to conjure an individual season decoration in a second. Being decorated with air snakes, colorful tapes or flowers during the carnival time or with white ribbons for festivities: your foyer always fits your target audience.

Therefor appropriate: boxwood spheres or cypresses in large pots.

In this case:
No. 82606973 Boxwood ball, ~40cm
No. 83011829 LEICHTSIN TOWER-80, shiny-black



Decorate your entrance or pillars with noble garlands, which can be attached with only a few glue dots.

In combination with natural lianas, blossoms or ivy you can create a friendly atmosphere without any effort. No more pale walls or ugly elements. In our commodity group Europalms cirrus and bushes you will find many versions

Example Christmas decoration:3 x Christmas garland red 180cm Weihnachtssterngirlande rot 180cm

Example Spring:3 x rose garland Rosengirlande

Or further products using the search „Garlands“


Bending description

Although there is no need to maintain an artificial plant like its natural model, they should be similar in their look. That is why there are already plants with yellow leaf margins or dead log parts. The „unreal“ look of the artificial plant often comes from the improper opening and spreading of the leaves.

It is important to remember that:

- the younger, smaller and fresher the leaves are, the further up they have to be attached, because those are the new and bright sprouts. Bigger and larger leaves should be attached below.

- Leaves being attached to the log below shall not be bend higher than those having their source further up.

- The petioles shall not be bended rectangularly – no natural plant would grow this way. The petioles have to be formed from the log to the leaf tips with just a few small and gentle steps. be careful not to water the artificial plants accidentally.


Secure standing of artificial plants

Stability Bläh:

82507035 Bamboo with 83011005 "Blähton" in 83011654 planter terracotta optic

Many artificial plants are delivered with a cement base which makes the plant stand upright on its own. In this way the perfect location can easily be tested out and the plant can simply be relocated. You don´t have to be afraid to clench the log. In contrast to its natural model the artificial plant doesn't take it personal if you grab it. She endures it.

The choice of the right planter

If the product is marked as „Dekotopf“, you need no further planter. The cement base is in a beautiful, neutral plastics pot and does fit to the plant at size and color.

If the product is marked as „mit Zementfuß“ and if the base is visible in the decoration, you will have to search for a planter which fits the surroundings. You will find a wide range of planters in the Europalms accessory section.

In most cases it is sufficient to put the plants into the pots and to cover them with sand, pebbles or expanded clay.

In den meisten Fällen wird es ausreichen, die Pflanzen in die Töpfe zu stellen und mit Sand, Kieseln oder Blähton (Hydrokultur) aufzufüllen.

With plants being either higher than 2 meters or stand near an often used footway, it is recommended to install an additional security for standing, for example by laying large stones under the planters or at the cement base. As long as the footprint of the planter is, in relation to its treetop, big enough you can as well cement it.

Plants without cement base

82708113 Yucca uv-green with 83011004 filling foam

The base of artificial plants should be molded, if their height exceeds one meter (depending on their foliage and weight). You can use conventional construction foam as it is used for molding door cases. Put the plant into the planter, weight it with stones if needed, fill one third with construction foam and wait for one day. You might have to cement heavy plants.

Watch out!

An arching palm needs more security for standing as a man-sized leaf plant. We would be pleased to advise you which measures you have to take to secure your plant.

At the end decorate the base with moss, ornamental stones or straw – done. And don´t forget:

Do not water it!

Suitable for outdoor use

Suitable for outdoor use – what is meant with that?

Many of our plants carry the note “suitable for outdoor use“.

These plants can be left out in the rain and will not fall apart due to a light gust of wind. Cold winter temperature also do not cause that much problems (also true for cachepots)
But leaving the plants in continuous sunshine they will – just as wooden furniture – change color as they are not UV resistant. Heavy weather (with powerful thunderstorms) might cause damages as well.


The Europalms crew is looking forward to advise you with your product selection and knows the right plant for your interior. We would be glad to carry out your project planning or the conception of your own artificial plant, coordinated to your brand.

How to contact Europalms:

Uwe Dietl

+49 931 4061 631

Petra Spanheimer

+49 931 4061 611

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