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Arrangement festive season

Inspiration für festliche Dekorationen!

During spring and early summer, weddings, first communion and confirmation parties take place. This festive arrangement is perfectly suited for their decoration: Eucalyptus and orchid leaves have been combined with cymbidium sprays in a pot of the Caucasia series.

In this case:

No. 82505620 Eucalyptus spray, red, 110cm

No. 82530574 Orchid leaf (EVA), green, 45cm

No. 82530311 Cymbidium spray, cream-pink, 90cm

No. 83011272 Deco pot set "CAUCASIA" 74/54/44cm

Arrangement Africa

Touch of exotic

With warm colors and natural materials, even sparse offices can be refurbished quickly, so they become more comfortable. In this arrangement, the bird-of-paradise flower provides a beautiful touch of color, while the dried liana and the pot of our "Africa" series spread exotic charms.

In this case:

No. 83502369 Cipo rosca liana, dried 100x6cm

No. 82530559 Bird-of-paradise spray, orange, 95cm

No. 83011264 Deco pot set "AFRICA" 74/54/44cm

Arrangement late summer

Catch the last days of summer!

With this colorful arrangement, you get the colors of late summer into your home and save the last sunrays until autumn comes. Typical flowers like sun flowers and strawflowers bring the atmosphere of long summer evenings to you rooms.

In this case:

No. 82522098 Sunflowerbrunch x 3, 70cm

No. 82505621 Eucalyptus spray, orange, 110cm

No. 82550150 Aster Daisy Spray, white

No. 83011825 LEICHTSIN BOWL-15, shiny-brown

Arrangement Christmas time

Extraordinary and classy

Innovative touch: This arrangement shows that white amaryllis are perfect for Christmas decorations. The combination with moss, sparkling berry twigs and classic Christmas balls spreads festive elegance.

In this case:

No. 82530553 Amaryllisbranch, white, 72cm

No. 83500418 larch branch, PE, 100cm

No. 8330909Z Decoration moss, ca. 2kg

No. 8350129C Decoball 3,5cm, silver, metallic 48x

No. 83500442 Berry spray glitter silver 85cm 3x

No. 83011879 LEICHTSIN BOX-120, shiny-black

Arrangement Winter

Classic colors in modern combinations

Winter brings its colors to your house – but the decoration doesn't need to be always the same. In this arrangement, you combine the classic winter rose in a modern way with sparkling white pearls and winterly greens.

In this case:

No. 83500432 Poinsettia bush, red, 60cm

No. 83500432 Poinsettia bush, red, 60cm

No. 83500441 Berry spray glitter gold 85cm 3x

No. 83011883 LEICHTSIN TOWER-120, shiny-red

Arrangement Autumn

Autumn has come!

The reed already starts changing its color, the last sun flowers blossom – with this arrangement, you catch the atmosphere of autumn.

In this case:

No. 82522098 Sunflowerbrunch x 3, 70cm

No. 82504616 Canada Maple Garland, orange, 180cm

No. 82600127 Grass bush, 150cm

No. 82600126 Parrot grass, 120cm

No. 82519937 Boston fern, red-green, 45cm

No. 83332026 Fire-column Mysticism, rusty, 130m

Arrangements galara leave XXL

The classical beauties

Galara leafs are the basic elements of various classy decorations. Whether for Christmas decorations, unobtrusive ones or exotic ones:
With a Galara leaf, you're always right. Here you see some examples of decorations made with a Galara leaf:

In this case:

No. 83502361 Galaraleave XXL, dried, natural

No. 83502358 Mitsumatabunch, bleached, ca.130cm

No. 82530565 Cherrybush, cream, 60cm

No. 83309106 Decoration moss, ca. 1.5kg

No. 8350128Y Dekokugel 6cm, light green, shiny (6pcs)

In this case:

No. 83502361 Galaraleave XXL, dried, natural

No. 82530320 Orchidspray, cream, 70cm

No. 82530574 Orchid leaf (EVA), green, 45cm

In this case:

No. 83502361 Galaraleave XXL, dried, natural

No. 83502357 Seebean XXL, sand

No. 82505629 Forsythiabush, 60cm

Arrangements galara leave

Arrangement for celebratory occasions

Classy decoration for special occasions

This arrangement with classy hydrangea blossoms is perfectly suited for the decoration at celebratory occasions like weddings. As a beautiful detail, it decorates entrance areas as well as big festival halls.

In this case:

No. 82530561 Hydragena spray, cream, 76cm

No. 82530569 Alliumspray, lavender, 55cm

No. 83011876 LEICHTSIN BOX-120, shiny-silver

Arrangement garden party

For mild summer nights

The garden parties of this summer season can come! This arrangement of classy artificial plants is suited for outdoors. As it glows decently in the dark,
it's perfectly suited for the decoration of garden and summer parties.

In this case:

No. 83330310 Camellia bow, with LEDs, white, 50cm

No. 82600153 Zamifolia, 70cm

No. 83502357 Seebean XXL, sand

No. 83502350 Vinecrown, natural, ca.50cm

No. 82503716 Grass tendril, bright-green 105cm

No. 83011880 LEICHTSIN BOX-120, shiny-brown

Arrangement hortensie


This arrangement welcomes your guests and spreads an open and friendly atmosphere. It's perfectly suited for entrance areas as well as halls and corridors.

In this case:

No. 82530560 Hydragena spray, lavender, 76cm

No. 82503549 Melon Vine, 180 cm

No. 83309106 Decoration moss, ca. 1.5kg

No. 83011417 Decoplanter STONA-75, cubic, beige

Arrangement spring

Spring freshness!

With this classy arrangement, you bring spring into your company, your lobby or your waiting room! The fresh colors of this arrangement create a friendly atmosphere and adds a relaxing and friendly touch.

In this case:

No. 83332005 Ironpillar, greek, 80cm

No. 83502359 Galaraleave, dried, natural

No. 83502352 Mossball, green, ca.30cm

No. 82530566 Cherrybush, pink, 60cm

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