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Tiny, but talented

The smallest Eurolite moving heads – and they form the largest series of the brand: Euroli te's TMH series consists of 17 different LED moving heads. They are outstanding, thanks to their combination of low weight, small dimensions, low prices and huge power – quite unique and the reason why they are so popular.

Spot, wash, beam or wash-beam lights, the great flexibility lets the TMHs enter variable fields. Bars, clubs, trade shows, weddings, galas or smaller concerts are only some of them.

Besides this compact series there is also the TMH FE series with Moving Flower Effects and the TMH X series with moving heads for bigger stages.


The most lightweight spot of the series. With its 2.7 kg, its weight has not the heavy impact the great power the white 10 W CREE LED has on the dance floor – accompanied by a color wheel with 7 dichroic colors (plus white). It is also equipped with a gobo wheel with 7 gobos (plus open), an electronic dimmer and a rainbow effect.

TMH-6| TMH-8

Also very small spotlights, but in contrast to the TMH-13, they feature no color wheels, but multicolor LEDs. They only weigh about 3 kilos, they have 9 gobos (plus open), a gobo shake function, a rainbow effect and stepless color mixtures. It is a CREE quadcolor LED (RGBW) with 10 watts beating in the heart of the TMH-8 while the little brother pulsates with a tricolor LED (RGB) with 15 watts.


These two strong spotlights only differ in one aspect: a 60 watt LED compared to a 30 watt LED. All the other characteristics are the same: 7 dichroitic colors (plus white), 2 gobo wheels with a total of 14 gobos (plus open) and gobo shake function, a rotating 3-facet prism, an electronic dimmer and a motorized focus each.


Spotlight with a special sturdiness: the TMH-75 is robust, but not cumbersome, and strong. The latter mainly because of its powerful 72 W LED, the strongest LED of the family. Thanks to its equipment with color, gobo and effect wheel (with rotating 3 facet prism), it is extremely flexible, too. Really a true spotlight and the most powerful of the series.


The TMH-C3 is equipped with three COB chips with very powerful 15 watts each. Colors are a lot richer and more expressive thanks to the COB technology. Housing, functions and even the DMX protocol are the same as in the classic TMH-75.

TMH-7 |TMH-9

As small as the C3 and with 3 kg only marginally heavier. Put on the same base, they share some features as a dimmer or a strobe effect with adjustable speed. Differences can be noticed looking at the LEDs. While the TMH-7 shows 18 tricolor LEDs (RGB) with 3 watts each, the TMH-9 possesses 7 quadcolor LEDs (RGBW) with 8 watts each.


This washlight has the largest zoom range of the series. So the beam angle can be adjusted from 32° to 4° by motoric zoom. Thus the wash becomes a beam effect. One with considerable power, generated by the three 12 watts LEDs with RGBW and a flicker-free projection. It is also a lightweight with 3.25 kg.


The biggest and most powerful washlight among all TMHs. Its 9 quadcolor LEDs (RGBW) with 10 watts each can be controlled individually and enable a stepless color mixture. Besides a dimmer, it is equipped with a motorized zoom, with which the beam angle can be varied between 5° and 22° and thus it can also be used as beam effect. Color and effect macros as well as a strobe effect with adjustable speed complete the offer.


Compact and bright – the TMH-15 is a small power pack. Its seven CREE QCL LEDs (RGBW) with 15 watts each provide a flicker-free projection and a stepless color mixture. With the motorized zoom, the beam angle can be adjusted between 11° and 28° - perfect for a nice wide wash effect. Additionally, the small washlight offers color presets, a master dimmer and a strobe effect.

TMH-12 | TMH-19

The first beams within the TMH family: The slightly inwards placed lenses give these devices their characteristic appearance and are helpful to realize a beam angle of 9° (TMH- 12) or 5° (TMH-19). QCL LEDs, meaning 4in1 LEDs, in RGBW colors serve as illuminants for the TMH-12. It asserts itself even in larger venues thanks to its twelve 10 watt LEDs. The TMH-19 scores with little weight (only 3.5 kg) and its good price-performance ratio. With 19 LEDs at 3 watts each (4 x red, 5 x green, 6 x blue and 4 x white), it’s perfect as an entry-level model.


This beam is unlike the others. It is the only one, which has been designed as 3 x 3 matrix. And this matrix is really powerful with its nine 15 watts LEDs – the strongest within the family. These 4-color diodes show an RGBW color mixture. Their beam angle of only 3° is really narrow and enables the LEDs to produce sharp beams. It is also equipped with color presets and a rainbow effect.


Double beam effect thanks to two separately controllable LED heads – with unlimited PAN movement. A special constellation for special effects and all at a minimal weight of 3 kg. Equipped with two 10 W QCL LEDs by CREE (RGBW), the double beam knows how to give a powerful impression. Beam angle of both heads: 5°.


A beam with the classic look and only one COB LED as light source. This source has a power of 36 watts, features an RGBW color mixture and a beam angel of 4°. 4° are definitely narrow enough to create precise beams without any problems. It weighs only 4 kg.

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