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Exotics among
the moving heads






Flower beam

Flower beam

Flower beam

Flower beam

Flower effect

Extraordinary characters gather in the TMH FE series: No washers or spots, these moving heads primarily are flower effects. Some of these have additional features and present themselves as beams thanks to their zoom.
Extremely powerful due to 18 x 12 W COB LEDs in RGBW colors; extremely variable thanks to the zoom, which reduces the flower beams to a beam angle of only 6,5°. Its 18 LEDs are divided into 6 segments, which can be individually controlled. The projection is flicker free.
The first flower beam within this series. Twelve 10 W quadcolor LEDs in RGBW create colorful flower beams or one narrow beam. With only 5 kg weight, the moving head is light and easy to transport.
Not too big and not too small: The FE-600 is the middle way among the flower beams. Equipped with six 12 W COB LEDs, it produces beams in RGBW. The angle of the reduced beam is 6,5°, the projection is flicker free.
The little one among the flower beams: With only 3 kg, it's very light and easy to transport. Despite its small measurements, it doesn't need to hide behind its bigger siblings: With three 12 W COB LEDs, its equipment is comparatively strong, its three flower beams can be reduced to one beam with an angle of 6,5°. His projection is also flicker free.
The original among the moving flowers and founder of this series. Its 10 W LEDs (1 x red, 1 x green, 1 x blue, 1 x white) produce colorful beams, which are reflected by three mirrors. Supports QuickDMX for wireless reception of DMX512 signals.
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