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Video killed the radio star

Video systems are ten a penny, considering flexibility, many are limited. Eurolite GD is different. GD tiles are small, extremely thin and very lightweight. It’s due to their filigree structure that applications are incredibly numerous. You can build cubes, case tables, bars and trussings or decorate walls and ceilings. Implement your own ideas and be flexible, the little GDs will help you.

Eurolite GD is available in two different versions: the narrow one with 20 x 40 cm and 25 mm pixel pitch, and the normal one with 30 x 60 cm and 37,5 mm pixel pitch. Each tile is equipped with 8 x 16 (128) pixels. Illuminants are SMD 5050 LEDs (TCL). The system is operated via network, MADRIX LED lighting software is recommended.

GD-37.5 LED panel 200x600mm

  • LED display for video and pixel mapping applications
  • Modular LED display for video and pixel mapping applications
  • Bright and colorful projection of videos, animations and graphics
  • 37.5 mm pixel pitch
  • 128 pixels (8 x 16)
  • RGB SMD 5050 LEDs
  • Transparent design
  • Modular display concept allows the build-up of large areas
  • Ideal for stage/fair construction and fixed installation
  • Control via optional network processor and PC software

GD-8 AIO network processor and software

  • Network processor and PC software for GD-37.5/25 LED displays
  • Control unit and PC software for controlling GD-37.5/25 LED displays
  • For 128 x 256 pixels
  • Operation with network-compatible computer
  • Ethernet input and output (RJ45)
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