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New looks – better technology

Eurolite's Dynamic series has a name which is to the point, as dynamics is what the new foggers are delivering. One main feature: the high quality technnology inside the units. To have an even more powerful and even more reliable smoke machine with really low maintenance, an excellent pump system has been built in – an update of the already proven Eurolite quality.
Also characteristic about Dynamic: the looks. With the grill, based a bit on a radiator grill from a car, and its soft blue LED illumination the series also directs in a new, modern direction.

The different models of the series cover large fields of applications. There are Dynamics for large live stages, discotheques and clubs as well as small party rooms. The series consists of two hazers and 5 foggers.
Some units offer more control options than the classic cable remote or an DMX interface. The Fog 1200, 1500, 2000 and the Faze 1000 are also equipped with a wireless remote. The Fog 2000 has a control module, that is attached to the machine. But it can easily be loosened via four screws and then serves as cable remote with ample options.
Something special about the Fog 1500 Flex. A mechanical arm at the bottom of the machine helps to set the output angle in the desired position.
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