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Shipping costs

Shipment Germany / Austria

We ship your goods with one of our logistics partner – if needed also by express.

We can offer the following standard prices for the whole shipment depending on the volume and weight:
- Small shipments (one package with max. 26 kg and 1.65 m length)
- Large shipments (several packages or consignment more than 26 kg or at least one packing unit more than 1.65 m length)
- Very large shipments (more than 75 kg or extremely large goods like big mirrorballs etc.; these will be displayed separately).

Within Germany:
- Small shipments: 6,90 EUR
- Large shipments: 17,90 EUR
- Very large shipments: 49,00 EUR

From a volume order of 500,- EUR (net) we deliver carriage paid to your delivery adress or directly to your customer, if he is also situated within your country. If the shipment is destined for a delivery adress in a foreign country, we will gladly inform you about carriage costs.
This limit may be higher if you have special agreements.

If you shipment is very urgent, we can also send by express.
Express means that the goods will reach you usually the next working day (Monday until Friday). It is mandatory that your order will reach us before 12 am.

The extra charge is 15,00 EUR for small shipments, 20,00 EUR for large shipments and 25,00 EUR for very large shipments. Express means that the goods will reach you the next working day. It is mandatory that your order will reach us before 12 am.

Some extra charges may be added by the shipping company and will be billed directly during delivery. These charges are max. 5,00 EUR per package or 1.25 % of the goods' value for very large shipments.

When ordering in our online shop, you will see the shipping cost immediately. Only extra charges like express etc. cannot be shown.

The prices stated above are only valid for shipments within Germany.

Export shipping

For non EU countries there is an additional fee (custom clearance) of 20 €.

The following rates apply for Denmark, Austria, Italy, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium:

- Small shipments: 10,90 EUR
- Large shipments: 26,90 EUR
- Very large shipments: 79,00 EUR

For United Kingdom, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal, the following rates apply:

- Small shipments: 17,90 EUR
- Large shipments: 32,90 EUR
- Very large shipments: 99,00 EUR

For Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, Iceland and Greece the following rates apply:

- Small shipments: 24,90 EUR
- Large shipments: 45,90 EUR
- Very large shipments: 149,00 EUR

Please ask us for the price in other countries not stated above.

Order tracking

You are able to keep an eye on your shipment and to control its status whenever you want to.

Tip: You have always the possibility to control the status of your shipment by using your customer account.

Shipment to your customer – neutral shipment

If you wish, we will send the ordered products directly to your customer. The packing will then be neutral – without any hint to the Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH. An ideal solution for operators of online-shops or for urgent orders. You do not only save the costs for the shipment but also the relabeling and repacking of the goods.

When the fiscal requirements are met, this delivery can be made without charging VAT of course*.

For details please ask the export department.

(Basic prerequisite: you have to have a valid value added tax identification number (VATIN) and the shipment may not be sent to Germany.)

Tip: Using your customer account you have the possibility to define an alternative shipment address. So each shipments address can be specified.


We are looking forward to see you! Visit us and pick up your goods in person! Come around, so we can discuss your wishes personally and let us show you our products in our showroom and selling floor.

Time of delivery

We keep our products in big quantities in stock so we can provide a reliable ability to deliver. If you place your order before 2 pm, normally the storing goods will leave our shop the same day, but not later than the following working day (exception dispatch deliveries). Several sales order processings need special agreements, please contact us.

If you need your shipment at a specified date and time, please let us know in due time so we can ensure smooth processes.

Damages in transit

We pack your goods carefully and control each thoroughly before leaving our house. In spite of all the precautions, damages might occur.

Damaged cardboard box

The damage has to be indicated on the consignment note. You should unpack the package witnessed by the driver.

Intact cardboard box, damaged content

Afterward the damage has to be – if possible in writing – reported at due date.

Please note that an immaculately looking package might have been thrown or fallen during its transport. In this case the hardware might have been destroyed. Please check the product thoroughly right after the receipt.

It is for you as addressee to report the damage. If not, any claim for compensation is precluded.

What you have to do:

  • Report damage in writing
  • If possible record it documentary (by description or picture)
  • Keep package and cardboard box
  • No damaged device to take in to use

Employing the DHL you have to report to the DHL within 24 hours. Employing a forwarding agency you have to report to its office and to Steinigke within 7 days.

Employing the DPD or TNT you have to report the damage to Steinigke within 3 days – from here on we undertake the task! In that case we are able to overtake the notification and execution of your damage and to pass on replacement services.

Tip: Always receipt the receiving of the goods with a corresponding note which makes clear that a damage of the product can not be excluded.

Repairs / returns

For organizational reasons our goods receipt can only accept freight paid delivery. For returns in cases of reclamation you get free-way-parcel stamps of the Post to send the package back for free. These stamps can easily be requested in the client area by giving us the reasons for your return. You can attach your reason of return right there to simplify the processing. Please note that although we are meeting the costs, it is you as deliverer of the package being responsible for the impeccable and transport safe packing.

Delivery note and proof of purchase

Please attach a short delivery note to each return which gives the reason for you having returned the goods. In case of repairs it is imperative that you do a precise description of the defect. Please do also attach a copy of the proof of purchase. Rights to claim under guarantee can only be granted by producing the proof of purchase.

Repair in case of warranty

You do always send the warranty repairs back to us for free (free-way-stamps). The repaired device will then be sent back to you – for free of course. Warranty repairs will only be granted by producing the proof of purchase.

Repair by our master workshop

We want to process your repair as fast and smooth as possible. This is only possible if you do everything in your power to support us and attach concrete details of the defect to the device. If you wish to receive a free quotation, please let us know, otherwise the device will be worked on immediately.

Information about postage

The customer always bears the costs and the risks of the mail-order. That includes subsequent deliveries of arrear, complaints and (warranty-) repairs. Free subsequent deliveries are voluntary and are based on goodwill. The shipping will be executed by our house forwarding agency, if the customer (or appointee) gives no mode of shipment.

Our shipment partner

By a specific choice of our partners we are able to provide you the most cost-saving shipping type for each case. an.

Fair shipment charge/worldwide shipping

By agreements with big forwarding agencies we are able to provide you cheap shipment charges for almost every country on earth. You will be astonished how cheap it is to obtain our goods.

You are also welcome to engage a forwarding shipment on your own to forward the goods you have ordered from us.

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