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DIMAVERY  AS-100 Amplifier stand

Numărul articolului 26380010
Descriere (caracterizare)
Date tehnice

Stand for amplifiers

  • 5 different angles adjustable
  • 2 different placing possibilties
  • max. height 102 cm
Shipping weight:2.25 kg
Reduceri 40 % economisire
Oferta de la 27.07.2016 până la 31.12.2017
26,50 €
Inventarul ajunge pentru 12 săptămâni

DIMAVERY  Bass Drum Stand

Numărul articolului 26010365
Descriere (caracterizare)
Date tehnice

Solid Drum Rack for Marching Bass Drums

  • For big marching drums
  • Height adjustable between ca. 410 and 520 mm
  • Metal parts chromed
  • Non-slip foam layer
  • Easily foldable
Shipping weight:3.00 kg
Disponibil in 11 săptămâni

DIMAVERY  Marching Drum Carrier

Numărul articolului 26010368
Descriere (caracterizare)
Date tehnice

Carrier for marching drums

  • Aluminum
  • 1.5 cm cussion
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Color: white
Shipping weight:3.45 kg
Inventarul ajunge pentru 12 săptămâni

DIMAVERY  Multi Stand for Percussion

Numărul articolului 26056675
Descriere (caracterizare)
Date tehnice

Multi stand for percussion

  • For up to 5 pieces
  • Double brace legs
  • Chromed
  • Vertically adjustable
Shipping weight:3.30 kg
Inventarul ajunge pentru 12 săptămâni
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DIMAVERY SC-802 Cymbal Stand

DIMAVERY  STT-50 Stand 2TomTom+1Cymbal

Numărul articolului 26035150
Descriere (caracterizare)
Date tehnice

Combi stand of high quality

  • Stand for two toms and one cymbal
  • Double-joint boom
  • Double-brace legs
  • Chrome hardware
Shipping weight:3.05 kg
Inventarul ajunge pentru 5 săptămâni

DIMAVERY  SVT-1 Keyboard Stand

Numărul articolului 26702058
Descriere (caracterizare)
Date tehnice

Stable keyboard stand

  • Height adjustable due to quick-lock
  • Completely demountable
  • High quality
  • Color: black
  • Delivered demounted
Shipping weight:2.30 kg
Inventarul ajunge pentru 12 săptămâni
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