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FUTURELIGHT Wizard-1024 USB DMX software + interface

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Wizard-1024 USB DMX software + interface

Universal DMX lighting-control software

Art. n° 51860110

  • DMX512 I/O PC-interface with USB-plug
  • For all DMX fixtures
  • All settings can easily be carried out with the mouse
  • 512 In and 1024 Out-channels
  • Visual-style fixture library editor included
  • The program controls any fixture that has a DMX interface
  • The program features 1024 output channels on two universes and 512 input channels
  • The Visual Emulator creates a 3D view of your light show, even if no real fixtures are connected
  • Create tilt-waves, color sweeps, fans, random positions and other incredible effects for same type of fixtures just within seconds using the new Effects Generator
  • You can use a bitmap picture to represent the building or stage layout onto the fixture icons can be placed
  • Fully Windows7 compatible, supports 32 Bit, does not support 64 Bit
  • The library of fixture templates can be extended by the user
  • Each show can have up to 256 sequences, where each sequence can contain up to 16384 scenes. The quantity of SHOW files is unlimited
  • Memorizing of the main scanner's beam targets for fast adaptation of ready show for any new location
  • It's easy to use a new fixture in a previously programmed show due to the copy and paste, save and load (scene, sequence, fixture scene, fixture sequence) features
  • 32 channel multi sequence player
  • Cue list for fast access to predefined multi sequence combinations
  • The track editor allows you to graphically display and manipulate the path of a scan beam
  • Password protection
  • Traditional light software options - Pan/Tilt swapping and reverse, 8 and 16-bit pan/tilt control and so on
  • Different crossfade modes generate smooth movement between scenes. It's possible to adjust DMX-values, tempo track and fade time directly in graphical window
  • You can override fixtures to manual control (master mode) at any time for instance to use as follow spot
  • Each fixture can have its own customized template (control panel), including color buttons, faders, pan/tilt panels, Gobo picture buttons and CMY color mixing window
  • Play list feature for multimedian shows includes playing of several files like mp3, wav, mov...
  • The user is able to create fixture groups for faster access to fixtures
  • The DMX interface is connected to the USB plug and uses no external power supply
  • Minimum system-requirements): Pentium 200 MHz PC or higher, VGA-card, 16 MB memory, 10 MB of free hard disc space, free USB-port, Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, mouse/trackball
  • Made in Europe
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1 4026397093162 0.532 kg 20cm x 20cm x 10cm
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