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FUTURELIGHT X-Control 512 USB DMX software + interfac

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X-Control 512 USB DMX software + interfac

DMX lighting control software

Art. n° 51860105

  • Over 1500 existing 8 or 16-bits fixture libraries
  • Create and modify your own libraries ("ScanLibray" software)
  • PAN & TILT keyboard shortcuts
  • PAN & TILT fixture movements are grouped together
  • Fade time ON/OFF
  • Invert the PAN & TILT
  • PRESET, window to directly access your light-functions
  • Copy, paste and delete your scene and step (program and scene)
  • Unlimited number of steps and scenes
  • Fade time and wait time (maintain time) for each steps
  • Instant live simulation of your scenes (program)
  • 255 loops by scene (program)
  • Automatic jump to the next scene (program)
  • You can create scene cycles (cycle = sequence)
  • Keyboard shortcuts to trigger off your scenes
  • Unlimited number of DMX and AUDIO effects (Audio CD, MP3, WAV)
  • Trigger Audio files and Scenes together
  • Effect grouping depending on colors
  • Keyboard shortcuts to trigger off your effects (programs shortcuts)
  • Scene movement speed (program speed)
  • Scene freeze (program freeze)
  • Live control over 512 channels DMX channels in HTP & LTP
  • Fade time between each scene (program)
  • 3D view, in real time ("Easy View" software)
  • Virtual Scenes option : Several scenes can be played simultaneously in different mode
  • Cycle jump : to select the next scene to be played from a list of scenes
  • PAN & TILT preset : the window will allow accurate move
  • Scenes (programs) in BPM mode
  • 12 keyboard keys allow you to create 12 independent fixtures-clusters (12 groups)
  • Live only function : to protect you project from misuse
  • Virtual 3D Simulator
  • 3D simulation in real time with optimal rendering
  • Use of the latest 3D DirectX 9 features
  • Take an automatic picture of your screen. Send it and show all your customers your projects
  • Positioning objects directly via the mouse
  • Complete libraries of 3D objects
  • Basic 3D objects editor
  • You can create your own 3D objects via 3D Studio MAX or AUTOCAD (3DS format) software
  • Group your lights and objects together
  • Resize your stage
  • Resize your 3D objects
  • Objects transparency modification Creation of glazing...)
  • Shaded effect on objects
  • Rotating mutli-facet Prism effect
  • Double gobo effect with double rotation
  • Projection of glass Gobo effect
  • You can add 3D visualization to your traditional console by using the DMX512 IN interface. The DMX line will be analysed constantly and the DMX data will be transmitted to the Easy View software via the USB port.
  • Easy View works with DirectX 9. A compatible DirectX 9 video card is required.
  • Easy View is provided with all the necessary electronic interfaces and still works with Virtual Controller software.
  • We recommend video card for optimal rendering of 3D effects:ATI 9600 PRO 128 Mo, NVIDIA 5700 FX 128 Mo
  • Scanlibrary
  • Libraries editor (SSL format)
  • Total compatible with your fixtures
  • Moving Head, Scanner, Conventional, Panel, Neon, Architectural...
  • Over 1 500 existing 8 or 16-bits libraries
  • Minimum requirements
  • Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP, with DirectX 9.0
  • 500 MHz processor (800 MHz recommended)
  • 64 Mb of RAM memory RAM (256 Mb recommended)
  • 32 Mb of video memory (128 Mb recommended to use the 3D view)
  • 60 Mb of free disk spac
  • 1 or 2 free USB 2.0 ports
  • Made in Europe
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