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OMNITRONIC EX-840 Digital effects mixer

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EX-840 Digital effects mixer

Versatile 4+1-channel digital effects mixer

Art. n° 10007050

  • Channels 1-3 switchable between phono/aux and line
  • Channel 4 switchable between mic and line
  • Mic channel with attachment possibility of 2 mics, each individually volume controlled, common 3-way tone control
  • Mic 1 microphone input via XLR/6.3 mm jack mounting socket at the front panel
  • Mic 2 and mic 3 microphone input via 6.3 mm mono jack at the front panel
  • 1 separate DJ mic channel with level control, 2-way tone control (bass, treble) and talkover selector
  • Input sensitivity control (gain) for each channel
  • 3-way tone control (bass, middle, treble) for each channel
  • Tone control with large range from -30 to +10 dB
  • 8 digital DSP effects: echo, auto pan, flanger, manual filter, auto filter, reverb, transition, pitch shifter
  • Assignment of the effect via the input select switch possible to the input channels, crossfader sides and output
  • Time and depth parameter adjustment via parameter control
  • Independent auto beatcounter for chosen cue signal and master signal
  • Manual beatcounter via additional tap button
  • Beat sync function: all effects can be modulated automatically to the piece of music
  • Individual beat sync buttons set musical values
  • 3 crossfader effects: echo, zip, roll, with automatic or manual crossover function
  • By pressing the effect cue button, the effect or sample can be cued with the headphones
  • Effects ON/OFF button
  • The crossfader can freely be assigned to channels 1-4 (channel assign selector)
  • Crossfader remote start function switchable via X-start button
  • Crossfader curve function for extremely fast cut times and scratch times
  • Super-smooth faders and crossfader replaceable from above
  • Headphones connection on the front panel
  • Headphones output adjustable via cue level control
  • Additional cue split/cue mix button
  • Mixing of the headphones signal possible via cue mixing fader
  • Master out 15-fold LED level displays (L/R)
  • Output signal adjustable via master fader (master 1) or master control (master 2)
  • Separately controllable monitor output (DJ booth) for connecting active speakers or an additional amplifier
  • 2 master out, booth out and rec out via 2 RCA sockets each
  • Additional master 1 output via balanced XLR connectors
  • Total output level of master 1 adjustable via level control at the rear panel
  • Rec out independent from master level for records with static level
  • High-grade discotheque mixer with a convincing sound
Power supply:115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~
Power consumption:35 W
Inputs:3 phono, 4 line, 3 mic
Input Sensitivity:
Microphone 1:1.7 mV RMS, 2.2 kohm
Microphone 2, 3:1.7 mV RMS, 3 kohm
Phono:3.4 mV RMS, 47 kohm
Line:340 mV RMS, 20 kohm
Output voltage:
Master out XLR: 1.23 V / 600 ohm
Rec out (analog):316 mV RMS / 1 kohm
Rec. out (digital):0.5 V RMS / 75 ohm
Headphones output:3000 mV @ 32 ohm (>16 ohm)
Outputs:1 master out, balanced XLR + RCA
1 rec out (analog, RCA)
1 rec out (digital, RCA)
1 zone (RCA)
1 booth (RCA)
Frequency range:
Microphone:20-20000 Hz, +1 / -3 dB
Phono:20-20000 Hz, +1 / -2 dB
Line:20-20000 Hz, +1 / -2 dB
Effects (dry):20-20000 Hz, +1 / -2 dB
Phono:<0.02 %
Line:<0.02 %
Effects (dry):<0.05 %
S/N ratio:
Microphone 1:<-60 dB
Microphone 2, 3:<-62 dB
Phono:<-70 dB
Line:<-70 dB
Effects (dry):<-70 dB
Talkover attenuation:-14 dB ±1 dB
Tone control/channel:
Treble:-30 dB to +10 dB, ±1 dB at 13 kHz
Middle:-30 dB to +10 dB, ±1 dB at 1 kHz
Bass:-30 dB to +10 dB, ±1 dB at 70 Hz
Tone control/Mic:
Treble:±12, ±2 dB at 13 kHz
Middle:±12, ±2 dB at 1 kHz
Bass:±12, ±2 dB at 70 Hz
Cross Talk (line):<-70 dB at 1 kHz between L & R and between channels
Dimensions (W x D x H):482 x 266 x 105 mm
Weight:5 kg
Conditionnement EAN Poids Dimensions
1 4026397157864 6.400 kg 58cm x 31cm x 14cm
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