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DIMAVERY Pure Wood Series

The premium guitars set new quality standards in the segment of acoustic guitars. The models PWS-39, PWS-40E, PWS-41 and PWS-42J are perfect for advanced and semi professional players. They cover the whole range from classic concert guitars to jumbo and convince with excellent workmanship, classy optics and great sound!

Wide sound spectrum for all styles

All four guitars have a massive body and as massive tops. For the PWS-39, PWS-40 and PWS-42 the body is made of mahogany and the top is made of cedar wood, which makes them sound balanced and warm. The PWS-41 has a body of rosewood and a top of spruce and adds an instrument with open and appealing sound to the range. If this sound is not powerful enough for big rooms, FISHMAN pick-ups in the PWS-40E provide the necessary amplifying. All models are completed with a neck of nato wood and a fingerboard of palisander.

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Dimavery Deluxe-1

The small one with a big heart!

The Dimavery Deluxe-1 E-Guitar Amp is the perfect solution for guitar players with a lot of gigs, who don't want to carry a big amp. Small, compact, arrangeable and with various connection possibilities, the small Deluxe-1 is more versatile than it seems! Considering size and power, you would call it a perfect amp for practice. But as soon as you connect the guitar, you realize even at low volume, that the amp has a much bigger potential.

Despite the power output of only 10 W, the Deluxe-1 offers a strikingly clear and powerful sound, even on the Drive channel. By the way, the two channels Clean and Drive are separately controllable via 3-band-EQ. Additionally, you can prettify your sound by adding chorus and delay effects. For practicing at home, it is possible to connect external music devices, headphone jacks are also present. Ambitious vocalists can also connect their microphone and so work on their singing skills with the amplifier. Don't be misled by the size: The Deluxe-1 may be small, but its sound is really big and it offers a performance and sound quality, which is absolutely appropriate for smaller gigs!


Multifunctional fine tuning

Not only a simple tuner, but a flexible and multifunctional solution for musicians and bands with a wide range. Not every guitar or bass player has a tuning pedal or enough space for a rack tuner. But if tuning is necessary, rearranging the instruments is cumbersome and out of place.

The Dimavery SGBM-200 tuner offers a smart solution: A jack input and output make it possible to loop through the instrument. And the stand at its back guarantees a good view on the precise display, even from a bigger distance. Of course, the tuner is fully chromatic and offers two tuning modes (automatic and manual). Players of winds and brass can tune, too, thanks to the integrated microphone. Last but not least, the built in metronome solves the last questions of tempo. With the Dimavery SGBM-200, musicians are always well prepared on stage!

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